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Did you know that Phillip sang second voice on Don Covay's 'I Was Checkin' In'

Cousin Cecile Shaw had a couple of releases - 'This I've Gotta See' and 'What Do You Want From Me Girl'

One of Phillips' favourite singers is Donnie Elbert

His favourite drink is Heineken Beer

Over 20 Artists have recorded 'Starting All Over Again' but not Phillip himself

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A SHORT BIOGRAPHY (Check Interview 2001 for the full story)

Born Leroy Phillip Mitchell in Louisville, Kentucky on 27 June 1944. Phillip sang with several groups in the Louisville area until 1962 one being The Checkmates (not the group later led by Sonny Charles). They cut some titles, including several of Phillip's compositions. None of them saw release and in 1962 he left the group. Changing his performance name to Prince Phillip, he moved to Indianapolis and became featured vocalist with a band called The Moonlighters. Nothing became of this so he moved back south in 1966 this time to the famous Fame Studios, owned by Rick Hall. He cut 2 tracks, 'Keep On Talking' and 'Love Is A Wonderful Thing' which were issued two years later on Smash Records under the name Prince Phillip. Rick Hall And Phillip fell out and, although still contracted to Hall, he recorded for Huey Meaux in Houston but the tracks never saw release. Los Angeles was the next stop where he became one of the Bean Brothers (Phillip measures 6ft 6ins). Back to Fame in 1969, he solved the contract problems and promptly joined the Muscle Shoals Sound.

As Phillip Mitchell he cut four tracks he'd composed which were released on two singles on Shout. 'Free For All (Winner Takes All)' backed by 'Flower Child' was followed by 'I'm Gonna Build California From All Over The World' which flipped to find 'The World Needs More People Like You'. The label went broke so our wanderer was on his way again. Between 1971-73 he concentrated on writing, the best known being 'Starting All Over Again' a hit for Mel & Tim. He also supplied songs for L.V Johnson, Millie Jackson, Archie Bell, William Bell, Emotions & The Staple Singers. During this period he signed with Hi Records, owned by Willie Mitchell in Memphis. Six self-penned singles emerged on three singles. First up was 'Little Things'/ That's What A Man Is For' followed by 'Oh How I Love You / The Same Folks That Put You There'. The final single was A-sided by 'Ain't No Love In My Life' backed by 'Turning Over The Ground' which was made the topside and was his best track for Hi.

Back To Muscle Shoals in 1975 and two recordings produced by Brad Shapiro & issued on Event. 'There's Another In My Life' actually became a naional R&B hit for our man. Reverse side was the funky 'If We Get Caught, I Don't Know You'. Unissued at the time, but later to appear on the 1990 ''Safe Soul'' CD was the track 'I'll See You In Hell First'. By 1978 he was on the West Coast to cut the first of two albums he did for Atlantic Records. 'Make It Good' (as Prince Phillip Mitchell) from which two singles were taken. 'One On One'/Only Smoke Remains' which made the R&B charts and 'You're All I Got In The World/Falling From Heaven'. Another album followed in 1979 called 'Top Of The Line'. Again two singles were released, both making the charts. 'Let's Get Wet' / Paying The Price' & 'If It Ain't Love It'll Go Away / I'm So Happy'. During this period Phillipprovided two solo tracks and a duet with Eleanore Mills on Norman Connors' 1977 LP 'Romantic Journey. He also 'ghosted' the vocal on Ray Barretto's Atlantic single in 1978. However, it would be 1986 before he made his next album, this time for Ichiban. 'Devastation' was the title and was recorded agin at Muscle Shoals Sound. He composed the whole album and 'You're Gonna Come Back To Love' as a minor hit. He made an appearance in the UK in 1988(see report). Another Ichiban album 'Loner was released in 1991.