Born & raised in the Ghetto - well no, sorry Smokey - south Manchester, England actually. Dropped in (or out) 1946. In 1959 I bought my first record, Jimmy Jones 'Good Timin' and my love for soul music began. A soul collector's plight - poor in pocket, rich in records, HEAVEN. Went to Germany in 1975 after having met future wife in Spain (obviously impressed by the trousers - see below). Arrived with three large trunks. Wife -to-be couldn't believe that they only contained records.

Currently have a radio show on local radio, 'VINTAGE SOUL RADIO SHOW'

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Barry Baby Barry Nomads When you have finished
here and want to see some
holiday snaps click here
You must have been
a beautiful baby
Music in my blood.
The Nomads 1962
Flat1971 AshtonCourt1972 The 3 Pictures that follow are not for the weak...
Known as
'El Pantalone' in Spain
Soul Brother is born
Flat in Bristol 1971
Ashton Court Country Club
Bristol 1972
El Pantalone1 El Pantalone2 El Pantalone3
Getting ready to go hunting Somewhere in Spain First prize - a hotel in Spain
Barry-Studio Barry-Studio Barry-Studio
Soul Brother at work In pensive mood Studio K2R
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