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Richard Dimples Fields RICHARD 'DIMPLES' FIELDS Dimples Epic 85345(Boardwalk) 1981
1.   I Like Your Loving
2.   Let Me Take You In My Arms Tonight
3.   Let The Lady Dance
4.   Lovely Lady
5.   In The Still Of The Night
6.   She's Got Papers On Me
7.   I've Got To Learn To Say No
8.   Earth Angel
9.   Don't Ever Take Your Love
Betty Wright sings on Tracks 2 & 6

Produced by Richard
Dimples & Belinda Wilson

Richard Dimples Fields Mr Look RICHARD 'DIMPLES' FIELDSDimplesBoardwalk NB1-33249 1982
1.   If It Ain't One Thing... It's Another
2.   After I Put My Lovin' On You
3.   Baby Work Out
4.   Mr. Look So Good
5.   Taking Applications
6.   (A Woman At Home And) A Freak On The Side
7.   Sincerely
8.   The Lady Is Bad
Al Green 'Green Is Blues' AL GREEN
Green Is Blues
HI SHL 32055 1970
1.   One Woman
2.   Talk To Me
3.   My Girl
4.   The Letter
5.   I Stand Accused
6.   Gotta Find A New World
7.   What Am I Gonna Do With Myself
8.   Tomorrow's Dream
9.   Get Back Baby
10. Get Back
11. Summertime
Al's first album.
Prime tracks: One Woman
Talk To Me, What Am I
Gonna Do With Myself & Tomorrow's Dream

Producer: Willie Mitchell
Supervisor: Joe Cuoghi
Don Covay 'Super Dude' DON COVAYSuper Dude 1
Mercury SRM 1-653(Phonogram) 1973
1.   Overtime Man
2.   Leave Him (Part 1)
3.   I Stayed Away Too Long
4.   I Was Checkin' Out She Was Checkin' In
5.   Hold You To Your Promise
6.   Memphis
7.   The Pinch Hitters
8.   Somebody's Been Enjoying My Home
9.   Bad Mouthing
10. Leave Him (Part 2)

11. Money(That's What I Want)
12. Don't Step On A Man When He's Down
Classic tracks include:
Leave Him, I Was Checkin' Out, Somebody's Been Enjoying My Home

Produced by Don Covay in Chicago
Sandra Feva Album SANDRA FEVA
Savoir Faire
Venture VL-1008 1981
| 1.   Leaving This Time 
2.   Tell 'Em That I Heard It
3.   Living with Someone
4.   Fade Away
5.   Let the Roses Die
6.   Who's Making Love?
7.   Here, Now
8.   Betcha
9.   You Won My Heart
10. Just to Be Close To You
Savoir Faire is a fairly
typical, but well inspired
80's pop/R&B outing for
this excellent vocalist
Facts Of Life 'Sometimes' FACTS OF LIFE
Kayvette LPK-802 1977
1.   Sometimes
2.   Caught In The Act
3.   Bitter Woman
4.   Lost Inside Of You
5.   Looks Like We Made It
6.   A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
7.   Uphill Place Of Mind
8.   What Would Your Mama Say
9.   Givin' Me Your Love
10. That Kind Of Fire
11. Love Is The Final Truth
Group comprised of Keith Williams,
Jean Davis (Tyrone Davis'
sister), Chuck Carter.
Formed by Millie Jackson
who was also their manager
& producer.
Rhythm tracks recorded at Muscle Shoal Sound Studios
Our Man In Washington
Dot DLP 25849 1968
1.   I Saw Her Standing There
2.   Try A Little Tenderness
3.   Back Where I Started
4.   Nobody Knows
5.   Mr. Pitiful
6.   Cry On My Shoulder
7.   I've Got To Move
8.   Another Sleepless Night
9.   Don't Try To Change Me
10. A Heart That Cries
11. The Mirror Cries
12. The Great Pretender
A 'Soul Journeyman' who recorded on various labels.
This is a mixture of covers
& originals. Of the latter
'A Heart That Cries' is
essential listening.

On January 22, 2001, Flowers died at the age of 66, after a bout with cancer.
Where I'm Coming From
Atco SD 7031 1973
1.   Whisper
2.   That Was Yesterday 
3.   Society
4.   What You Don't Know
5.   It Really Hurts
6.   Helpless Man
7.   That's Where I'm Coming From
8.   Look At All The Lonely People
Group comprises of:
Bobby Cox, Glenn Leonard
(Later a member of the Temptations),
Joe Blunt & Joey Coleman.
Recorded & re-mixed
at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia.
A top class album from a
group that made only this
one album.
The Fantastic Four
Tamla Motown TML 11105 1968
1.   I Love You Madly
2.   The Whole World Is A Stage 
3.   You Gave Me Something
4.   I've Got To Have You
5.   To Share Your Love
6.   Goddess Of Love
7.   Can't Stop Looking For My Baby
8.   As Long As I Live
9.   Man In Love
10. I Don't Wanna Live Without You
11. Just The Lonely
Featuring a really great
voiced James Epps - this
Is a fine album from a group
that got left behind in the Motown pecking order.
'I Love You Madly'
'You Gave Me Something' &
'Can't Stop Looking For
My Baby' are picks for me.
Gets Next To You
HI SHU 8424 1971

1.   I Can't Get Next to You
2.   Are You Lonely for Me, Baby?
3.   God Is Standing By
4.   Tired of Being Alone
5.   I'm a Ram
6.   Driving Wheel
7.   Light My Fire
8.   You Say It
9.   Right Now, Right Now
10. All Because
The breakthru Album with
Al's version of the
Temptations song opening
this set. 'Tired Of Being
Alone' was a fair sized hit.

'God Is Standing By' is
essential listening.

Produced by Willie Mitchell

Al Green - I'm Still In Love With You AL GREEN
I'm Still In Love With You
HI SHU 8443 1972
1.   I'm Still in Love With You
2.   I'm Glad You're Mine
3.   Love and Happiness
4.   What a Wonderful Thing Love Is
5.   Simply Beautiful
6.   Oh, Pretty Woman
7.   For the Good Times
8.   Look What You Done for Me
9.   One of These Good Old Days
Al was really up and
running by this time and
this is a classic album.
Producer:Willie Mitchell &
Al Green.
Engineer:Willie Mitchell
Vocal Background:Rhodes, Chalmers & Rhodes.
Recorded at:Royal Recording Studios,
Memphis, Tennessee
General Johnson
Arista AL 4082 1979
1.   Temperature Rising
2.   Don't Walk Away
3.   We The People
4.   Lies
5.   All In The Family
6.   Only Love (Can Mend a
Broken Heart)
7.   Patches
8.   Keep Keepin' On
Norman 'General' Johnson
- lead singer of The
Showmen, followed by
Chairman Of The Board.
After leaving Invictus the
General recorded this
very fine album for Arista.
Cream tracks are the slow 'Patches' and 'Lies' plus the uptempo items 'Don't Walk Away & All In The Family'
Produced by General Johnson & Rick Chertoff.Executive producer:Clive Davis
Strings and horns arranged
by David Van De Pitte.
Trivia: Patty Austin on background vocals.
Tell Me A Lie
Motown 6000 1982
1.   Right In The Middle
2.   Either Way You Lose
3.   Suspicions
4.   You've Seen One You've Seen 'Em All
5.   I Heard It Through The Grapevine
6.   Tell Me A Lie
7.   I Like It Like That
8.   Before I Even Knew Your Name
9.   I Can't Stop
10. If I Were Your Woman
Some may say 'Southern-Sounding'
Bettye doesn't fit in with
Motown. What many don't
know is that she came from Detroit. After Diana Ross left Motown they asked Bettys to record this album.
This is a very fine album
with Bettye on excellent form.
'Right In The Middle' was the first single taken from the album and Bettye made an appearance on 'Soul Train' to promote it. The follow-up was 'I Can't Stop'
The Finger Pointers
RCA APL 0643 1974
1.   The Finger Pointers(Part 1) (McCoy/Cobb)
2.   Can't Get Used to Sleeping (McCoy)
3.   The Woman I'm Being True To(C.H Kipps Jr.)
4.   I Need Your Love to Keep Me(McCoy)
5.   I Can't Make You Love Me (McCoy)
6.   Ready, Willing, and Able (McCoy)
7.   You're So Right for Me (McCoy)
8.   If I Don't Love You (McCoy/Cobb)
9.   The Finger Pointers(Part 2) (McCoy/Cobb)
Groups like Choice Four were plentiful about the mid 7O's. Most made one album and then were gone. Choice Four managed two, this being the first. Produced by 'man of the moment' Van McCoy. Title track is a great dancer and the highlight is 'You're So Right For Me'