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GEORGE JACKSON - STRUGGLING LADY The last time George recorded was the early 90's. Little Milton had a hit with this but it's George's painful voice that makes this a classic

PHILLIP MITCHELL - I TAUGHT HER EVERYTHING SHE KNOWS A 'tour de force' performance with Phillip at his best on this ballad.

VALENTINOS - IT'S ALL OVER NOW Bobby Womack and his brothers with THE ORIGINAL of a song made famous by the Rolling Stones

PHILLIP MITCHELL - KEEP ON TALKING Recorded at the 'Fame' studios - a dancefloor classic

LORRAINE ELLISON - MANY RIVERS TO CROSS From an album on Warner Brothers.. 1974... Jimmy Cliff's Reggae song done in awesome style!

KIM TOLLIVER - STANDING ROOM ONLY Wrist Slashing Deep Soul Classic

BARRINO BROTHERS - TRAPPED IN A THING CALLED LOVE Invictus Records.. their answer to the Four Tops... Perry Barrino on lead with an awesome dancer.. gives me the shivers every time I hear the intro...