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January 31st 2006
Jimmy Radcliffe Discography

Intruders Discography

July 28th 2005
Lost Ladies Of Soul

July 10th 2005

Walter Jackson Biography & Discography

June 17th 2005
Venture Label
Denise LaSalle Discography
Hodges, James & Smith
Jeannie Reynolds Discography


May 8th 2004


May 7th 2004
Hodges, James & Smith

January 20th 2004
Phillip Mitchell Album Interview

January 5th 2004
Frankie Gearing

November 10th 2003
Utrecht, Holland 2003 Photo Gallery

September 28th 2003
Charles Brimmer

March 29th 2003
Ted Taylor

February 10th 2003
Bill Brandon

February 5th 2003
Chairmen Of The Board Norman (General) Johnson
Soul Duos
Sam & Dave

December 12th 2002
New O'Jays pages
Jo Armstead Discography

December 2nd 2002
George Jackson Discography

November 12th 2002
William Bell Discography

November 11th 2002
Jackie Moore Discography

October 10th 2002
Phillip Mitchell Photos & Tour Report

August 31st 2002
Albums with track Listings

July 2nd 2002
James Phelps Interview
Four Tops Discography

February 21st 2002
David Ruffin Photo Gallery

January 27th 2002
Paul Kelly Discography

January 19th 2002
James Phelps Discography
O'Jays Album covers(just need one more!)
Addition: Bettye Swann

January 11th 2002
Wow - been working hard for you lot.
All artists in great voices and soul groups have
been improved and made 'user-friendly'
Updated James Phelps
Johnnie Taylor Discography is full of album covers

January 7th 2002
Great Voices(Groups)Album covers
Bobby Harris Discography(Great Voices)

December 30th 2001
Dells Album Covers / Discography
Clay Hammond / Biography & Discography
Wilson Pickett / Discography
J.Blackfoot / Discography