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In order to get the tracks below you will have to download 'Filetopia'

I have the user name 'Soul-Brother' and also a group called 'Soul Brothers Selection'.
There you will meet a group of 'Real Soul' lovers who enjoy sharing rare old soul tracks. We are not ripping off these artists. Many of them are no longer with us and any monies the record companies received would most certainly not be given to the singers!!

What Is Soul? Well, I've never tried to answer that with words but with the music. Soul Music is a feeling, something that you love to death. You can't be 'taught' to enjoy it - you just do! It's in the voice (desparate, aching), the words, (love, hate, poverty, cheating and lying), the musicians (horns, rhythm section, strings - all with REAL musicians). In our group on Filetopia I will be offering rare and classic tracks - singers maybe unknown to you - some Deep Soul, some Detroit/Chicago/Philly sounds and anything which I feel is a little bit special. Only real soul lovers will be invited to join - northern soul freaks who just want to dance to a rhythm , please don't knock! Real Soul Lovers - you will be welcomed!

(18) Mighty Sam - Silent Tears

Sam delved into the Blues more than to my liking- but made some mighty fine soul. Traces of both are to be found here-with Sam sounding very like Bobby Bland. Good time feel - mid paced. Enjoy it while you can-only lasts 1.45 Minutes!

(17)Soul Ambassadors - Something On My Baby's Face

Slower than slow - plods along with the group's lead changing-second verse has a gruffer lead and harmonies are very fine. Anybody know how many Ambassadors there were?

(16)Curtis Anderson - I'm Running Away From Love

Great opening-tinkling piano-soft guitar and Curtis whispering his love. Soft voiced-he breaths his all into this-and I love songs that build and build.

(15)Bettye Swann - I Will Not Cry

A lady who never made a bad record. Bettye never screams - but that natural voice just seems to caress songs. Other tracks are maybe more well-known but this chugger is worth a listen.

(14)George Perkins - A Man In Love

George's 'Wrapped Up' is a classic. This ain't bad either. Horns and chugging guitar and bass accompany him with the girls chirping in-grows on you this one.

(13)Vera Powell - I Didn't Know How Happy I Could Be

Slow piano-ahh-this is gonna be painful. Our heroine has woken up, kicked him out and now she knows what happiness is. Vera really gets into this track and it is a real classic deepie.

(12)Bobby Marchan - Love Is So Good

A cheatin' song-sorry G. Starts out with Bobby saying how glad he is she made it-same motel-same room.And you just know what's coming -Love is so good when you're stealin' it!

(11)Willie Johnson - What I'm Going To Do

Most of Willie's stuff was deep and slow-this finds him uptempoed, with a Philly feel.Chorus is soft and gentle stuff- but then Willie, with his deep gruff voice, rips in and -hey presto-a hit.

(10)Bobby Sheen - Love Stealing

Bass and crying guitar opens for Bobby to semi rap his hurt. Chorus quickens then it's back to  slow tempo - lots of feeling here. A record full of interest.

(9)Jimmy Braswell - Home For The Summer

Jimmy tells of the hard times- working the land - needs to get home. Great strings on this one-with horns cutting in. A fine performance from Mr Braswell.

(8)Ruby Andrews - Just Loving You

I have another version of this but can't remember from whom - Ruby has that breaking voice - you know she means it. Mid-tempo track-a swayer-and a great song.

(7)Kenny Ballard - Oh How I Cried

Piano & girlie chorus opens this one - then a 'Hey Hey' from Kenny and you know it's gonna be good. He pleads till she made him cry - deep soul swayer.

(6)Holmes Brothers - You're Good For Me

This trio do the lot - not all to my liking, This is, however, great. Taken at a pedestrian pace-soul-gospel classic!

(5) Carroll Lloyd - Try Me

Sounding a little mannly - Carroll takes this at a slow pace - Begging for you to try her!

(4)Dynamics - Ice Cream Song

'If Loving You Was Ice-Cream - I Could Be The Ice-Cream Man' - they don't write songs like that anymore. Very fine group with a lovely love song!

(3) Oscar Toney Jr. - The Thrill Is Gone

One of the great unknowns- Great Voice and a killer track. That bass player derserves an Oscar! No pun intended. OSCAR TONEY INFO

(2)Jerry Jackson - Tell Her Johnny Said Goodbye

Opens with Del Shannon organ!- Then Johnny Blue talking to his girl's mom - slushy some may say - but I love it!

(1) Alfreda Brockington - I'll Wait For You

Starts out with solo piano-then Alfreda rips into a lament about waiting for her man-You girls never learn. A cracker this!