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The start of a great friendship A Show in Amsterdam - The Prince at work Manchester Airport - Ray's first interview Fleetwood beach - chilling out!
Fleetwood - Backstage before the show Friday Night 3am We're up and running. The Red suit was my wish of the 6 he brought with him
The girls adding their support
    Moving in a little closer   Harmonising!
Warming up now - jacket off!     The 'old codger' can still cut it
  Feeling the love! That's what you get girl when you stand next to me! Touching you - touching me! Snake looks on
Peckish before the Sunday afternoon performance Checking out THAT Keyboard Here we go Are all Northern Fans tattooed?
Fans already eating out of his hands Medley Time 'End Of Our Road' 'Love Don't Love Nobody' My request
Starting All Over Again Programmed the previous evening Tears in my eyes by this time   Eddie up front - check out his webpage Our Ray
Colin, Martin & Jan in VIP room after the Sunday Show The Dutch promoter in a happy pose Sep - shall we stretch you? Great Pic on your Tea-Shirt Soul Brother! A happy fan outside in the Fleetwood Sunshine with fans waiting for Autogramms