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Bill Brandon was born in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. He recording for small local labels such as Tower and Quinvy most notably with his version of the Dan Penn song 'Rainbow Road'.He later signed up with Sam Dees Moonsong / Piedmont label in the late sixties. He acted as an in house writer / artist writing such songs as 'Stop This Merry Go Round' (which was a hit for John Edwards) and recording southern ballads such as 'I'm A Believer Now' and 'Tag, Tag'. On leaving Sam Dees production team he linked up with Moses Dillard and Jesse Boyce who wrote and produced his only album for Prelude in 1977 entitled 'Bill Brandon'. Two singles emerged from the album. 'We Fell In Love While Dancing' became his only hit.

Thanks to Richard Crimes for these Photos
Self Preservation/Full Grown Lovin' Man South Camp 7006 1967
Rainbow Road/You've Got That Something Wonderful Tower 430 1969
Since I Fell For You/Strangest Feeling Quinvy 7007 1970
Stop This Merry-Go-Round/I'm A Believer Now Moonsong 9001 1972
Whatever I Am I'm Yours/Johnnie Men Wright Moonsong 9003 1972
I Am Free Of Your Love/Piece Of My Heart Moonsong 9004 1972
It's All Wrong But It's All Right/Doing Right Don't Wrong Nobody Moonsong 9005 1973
Let's Make Our New Love Something Special/Let Me Be Your Full Time Groover
(duets with Lorraine Johnson)
Moonsong 001 1973
The Streets Got My Lady/Tag Tag Piedmont 078 1976
You Made My Life So Bright/Can't We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over Prelude 1977
We Fell In Love While Dancing/Can't We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over Prelude 71098 1978
We Fell In love While Dancing/long version Prelude 71102 1978
Special Occasion/Get It While It's Hot Prelude 71105 1979
One Minute Woman CD Dubious
Various Artists
We Fell in Love 12"  
Good Guys Don't Always Win &
Let's Get It Back Together Again
unissued Piedmont  
Bill Brandon - Baby, Love Is A Two Way Street Prelude12149 1977

1. Can't We just Sit down and Talk It over
2. Just can't Walk away
3. You don't Have to Say
4. Hands Full Of Nothing
5. We Fell in love while Dancing
6. Baby, Love is a Two Way Street
7. You Made My Life so Bright
8. No Danger of Heartbreak Ahead
9. Special Occasion
10. Get It while It's Hot
11. We Fell in love while Dancing (Promo only - 12" Remix)
Quin Ivy productions, unissued (until UK Charly lps) 1. All I Need Is You
2. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
3. Little By Little
4. One Minute Woman
5. She Knows What To Do For Me
6. To Make My Life Beautiful
7. What The World Needs Now Is Love
8. When You Get What You Want
9. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
10. Your Big Chance
Thnaks Go To David Cole and Steve Guarnori for their help in compiling the above Discography