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Sam Dees was born in Birmingham, Alabama on 17.12.1945 and was one of 13 children. He can be mentioned in the same breath as other top soul songwriters as Lamont Dozier,Phillip Mitchell, George Jackson and Bunny Sigler. Sam won singing contests as a child and in his early twenties began recording for SSS International Records. The following year in 1969, he began cutting for the Birmingham label, Lola Records, including a song originally meant for Percy Sledge "It's All Wrong". In the early '70s, he recorded singles for Chicago-based Chess Records.In 1975 he released one of the greatSoul Albums 'The Show Must Go On' and a legend was created. Sam's material has been widely recorded.


Need You Girl / Lonely For You Baby SSS International SSS732 1968
It's All Wrong (It's All Right) / Don't Keep Hanging On Lolo L 2103 1969
Easier To Say Than Do / Soul Sister Lolo L 2306 1969
Can You Be A One Man Woman / Put You Back In Your Place Chess CH 2109 1971
Maryanna / Love Starvation Chess CH 1033-2122 1971
I'm So Very Glad / Claim Jumpin' Clintone CT 010 1972
I'm So Glad / Just Out Of Reach Atlantic 45-2937 1972
So Tied Up / Signed Miss Heroin Atlantic 45-2991 1972
The Show Must Go On / Child Of The Streets Atlantic 45-3243 1974
Come Back Strong / Worn Out Broken Heart Atlantic 45-3205 1975
Fragile Handle With Care / Save The Love At Any Cost Atlantic 45-3287 1975
Storybook children / Just as sure (duet with Bettye Swann) Big Tree 16054 1975
In My World(Long Version) / In My World(Short Version) New London Int. 1003 1978
Say Yeah / My World Polydor PD 14455 1978
Survive (Instr.) / Fly Angel Fly UK Move 12" MS 11 19861986
Just Wait Until I Get You Home / I'll Be Loving You Pen Pad 12" PP 1000 1988
After All / Always Something (Instr.) Pen Pad PP 1001 1989
After All / True Believer In Love / After All (Edited Edition
Always Something
Pen Pad PT 43140 1989
Get The Message Out(Burning Hope Mix)
Say It's Only A Rumour
(Theme From) After All
UK Ardent 12" ADX 9012 1992
Walk On The Edge (Vocal, Instr. & Acapella Versions) UK Ardent 12" ADX 9014 1993
Recorded under other names
As Black Haze Express Won't Nobody Listen / Pretty Soon Clintone CT 005 1971
As Black Haze Express Black Tattler / Stop The Merry-Go-Round(instr.) Vulcan111 1972
As Blast Furnace Band & Grapevine Singers Hammering Hank Part 1 / Hammering Hank Part 2 Clintone 012 1973
Erroneously credited to Frederick Night It's So Wonderful
From 5 album promo only Box set, East Memphis Music- The Hits, Issued by AlmoMusic Corp.Album numbered EM05 0008 J 1982
Lonely For You Baby' issued on Japanese P-Vine Album PLP-383 'From Atlanta To Birmingham' Deep Soul Classics Volume 12 has Added female backing vocals.   1988
'Get The Message Out' on Ardent 12" ADX 9012 is a remixed version from PenPad LP 'The Homecomings on PP-1007   1991
A further single 'It's Over, Nobody Wins' was issued on a Kent CD CDKEND 'Good Guys Don't Always Win'   1998
THE SHOW MUST GO ONAtlantic SD181341975

1.Child Of The Streets
2.The Show Must Go On
3.Come Back Strong
4.Just Out Of Reach
5.Claim Jumpin'
6.Troubled Child
7.What's It Gonna Be
8.Worn Out Broken Heart
9.Good Guys
10.So Tied Up
SECRET ADMIRER Pen Pad PP 1002 1989

2.Secret Admirer
3.All The World To Me
4.True Believers Of Love
5.Say It's Only A Rumour
7.After All
8.Turn The Love Up Higher
9.Thank God For Jesus And Grace
10. Love Triangle
11. Danger Everywhere
  THE HOMECOMINGSPen Pad PP 1007 1991

1. The Homecomings
2. Get The Message Out
3. I'll Be A Man
4. Personal Man
5. Get The Message Out (Instr.)
6. You've Been
  SECRET ADMIRERPen Pad PP 1005 1990

1. Going Through The Motions
3. Come On Out Into Freedoms Range
4. Insert Secret Admirer Horn
5. I Am Forever By Your Side
6. I Live For Your Love
7. I'll Always Love You
8. Say It's Only A Rumour
9. After All
10. Insert Motion Instrumental
11. Secret Admirer
12. Just Wait Until I Get You Home
13. I'll Be Loving You
14. After All (Instr)
  CRY TO ME - Deep And Mellow Soul Of Sam DeesJap. P-Vine PCD-2855 1994

1. Claim Jumpin'
2. The World Don't Owe You Nothing
3. Doin' Right Don't Wrong Nobody
4. Come Back Strong
5. Good Guys
6. Touch Me With Your Love
7. Fool Or Your Man
8. Vanishing Love
9. What's It Gonna Be
10.Child Of The Streets
11.Who Are You Gonna Love
12.Tag Tag
13.Just Out Of Reach
14.So Tied Up
15.Worm Out Broken Heart
16.Cry To Me
17.I Wish I Could Be Him
18.You Been Doin' Wrong For So Long
19.So Tied Up (alt.take)
NOTE: Track 3 is actually performed by Bill Brandon
1. We Always Come Back Strong
2. Tag Tag
3. Your Love Is Like A Boomerang
4. Number One, Second To None
5. Home Wreckers
6. Fool Or Your Man
7. The World Don't Owe You Nothing
8. I Like To Party
9. I'm Gonna Give You Just Enough Rope(To Hang Yourself)
10.Cry To Me
11.Who Are You Gonna Love (Your Woman Ort Your Wife)
12.Good Guys Don't Always Win
13.Vanishing Love
14.Nothing Comes To A Sleeper But A Dream
15.I Wish That I Could Be Him
16.False Alarm
17.You've Been Doing Wrong For So Long
18.Win Or Lose
19.Run To Me
20.Help Me My Lord
21.Touch Me With Your Love
22.Just My Alibi
23.Worn Out Broken Heart

1. Walking In The Way Of The Lord
2. Morning Heavenly Father
3. Shining In My Life
4. Just As I Am
5. Precious Lord
6. True Friend
7. Thank God
8. Oh How I Love Jesus
9. Salvation For Us All
10.God Is In Charge
  SAM DEES After All Records 1997

1. Hang Tough
2. Things That Lovers Do
3. Let me Keep Your Company
4. For The Sake Of The Memories
5. Night Of The Boogie Freaks
6. Our Love Is Still Alive And Well
7. If You Decide To Leave
8. Right In The Middle Of Falling In Love
9. How Does My Love Feel
10.I Love You
LOVERS DOPen PadPP2001 1998

1. Roll Seven (instr.)
2. Dealit
3. How Do My Love Feel
4. Things That Lovers Do
5. Give Me Just A Little More Time
6. Trophy For Your Wall
7. Sam (instr.)
8. Roll Seven
9. For The Sake Of The Memories
10.Keep You Company
11.Thin Wall Love Affair
12.Busy Thinking About My Baby
13.If You Decide To Leave
1. The Heritage Of A Black Man
2. Why Must I Live In Chains
3. Reconsider Baby
4. Standing In The Wings Of A Heartache
5. Nothing But The Best Of Luck My Friend
6. Con Me
7. Lovers Or Enemies
8. Mess On Your Hands
9. Love Calls
10. Caught Up In This Woman's Love
11. Where Is The Love
12. Personal Woman
13. Meet Me Half Way
14. Black Tattler
15. What Goes Around Comes Around
16. Why Must I Be In Love Alone
17. How Can You Cut Off The Hand That Feeds You
18. For That Man Of Mine
19. Just As Soon As The Feeling's Over
20. Only Lonely People
21. I, Me, Myself
22. Something About The Way I Feel
Sam's material has been widely recorded.
Loleatta Holloway
'Cry To Me'
Tyrone Davis
Margie Joseph
'Just As Soon As The Feelings Over
George Benson / Aretha Franklin
'Love All The Hurt Away'
Denise LaSalle
'Keep Your Pants On'
Dorothy Moore
'Special Occasion'
Gladys Knight & The Pips
'My Time'
Barbara Hall
'Drop My Heart Off At The Door'***