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Lover's Crime / What Do You Think About My Baby Bandstand  
Take Me (Just As I Am) / The Kind Of Woman That's Got No Heart Goldwax 1966
Old Friend / Walking Out On You Goldwax 312 1966
Uptight Good Woman / Anything You Do Is Alright Goldwax 1967
Lonely Man / The Power Of A Woman Goldwax 1967
That's How Much I Love You / A Poor Man's Son Goldwax 1968
Once In A While / He's Too Old Goldwax 1968
A-side: That's how much I love you / Once in a while.
B-side: Old friend / The power of a woman
Goldwax 503
Extended Play
I Never Loved A Woman / Soul City USA Goldwax 1969
Love Machine / Love Me Tonight Fame 1969
Double Lovin / I'd Rather Go Blind Fame 1970
I Can't Be Satisfied / Take Time To Love Your Woman Sounds Of Memphis (1973)
I Can't Get Enough Of You Baby / You're My Kind Of Woman XL 1973
Feed The Flame / El Paso XL 1973
This compilation contains all Bandstand USA and Goldwax releases except for Lonely man, and Walking out on you, as well as seven Goldwax tracks unreleased on 45's (marked in yellow).

Soul City U.S.A. Vivid Sound, Japan VGCD-003
1. Soul City USA
2. The Kind Of Woman
3. Take Me
4. I'm A Poor Man's Son
5. That's How Much I Love You
6. He's Too Old
7. Once In A While
8. Water
9. Love Works That Way
10. Lover's Crime
11. The Power Of A Woman
12. Old Friend
13. I Never Loved A Woman
14. Uptight Good Woman (great vers.)
15. Sweet Sixteen
16. Cry To Me
17. Anything You Do Is Alright
18. I'll Be True To You
19. What Do You Think About My Baby
20. Who's Been Warming My Oven
21. That's How Much I Love You (previously unreleased version)
Soul Sounds of Memphis Vivid Sound, Japan, LP CD
I can't be satisfied
Take time to love your woman
I can't get enough of you baby
You're my kind of woman
Feed the flame
  The Goldwax Collection Vol 1 - Vivid Sound, Japan CD
Take me
Soul City USA
Let's talk it over
Love attack
the latter two being tracks not
released on 45's in the 60's