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Sam Moore and Dave Prater, veterans of the gospel groups The Melionaires and The Sensational Hummingbirds, respectively met at the King of Hearts club in Miami in 1961. They teamed up and recorded for Roulette Records in the early 60s with little success. Jerry Wexler signed them to Atlantic Records in 1965, with their singles and albums were issued on the Stax label. Recording at the Stax studio in Memphis, Tennessee under songwriter-producers Isaac Hayes and Dave Porter, who wrote virtually all their hits.. Usually recording with Hayes on the piano and backed by Booker T. and The MGs and The Memphis Horns, Sam and Dave had Top 10 R&B hit with "You Don't Know Like I Know" in early 1966. "Hold On! I'm Comin'" a R&B hit and a Top 10 Pop hit, followed by R&B "I Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody," "You Got Me Hummin'", and "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby". They later had Top 10 Pop and R&B hits with "Soul Man" and "I Thank You".

In 1968 Sam and Dave's recording contract reverted to Atlantic when Stax was sold to Gulf-Western. The subsequent hits were largely R&B, most notably "You Don't Know What You Mean to Me" and "Soul Sister, Brown Sugar". Disbanding for solo careers in the late 1969, they reunited from 1972 to 1975, recording Back at 'Cha for United Artists. They separated again, but reunited after the success of The Blues Brothers' late 1978 recording of "Soul Man" to tour through 1981. In 1986 Moore re-recorded "Soul Man" with Lou Reed for the film of the same name. Prater was killed in a car accident near Sycamore Georgia, on April 9, 1988. Moore appeared with Junior Walker in the 1988 film Tapeheads and enjoyed a renewed solo career in 1994 when his duet with Conway Twitty "Rainy Night In Georgia" appeared on the Top 10 crossover album Rhythm, Country, and Blues.

   Sam Moore

I need love / Keep walkin' Roulette 4419 1962
No more pain / My love belongs to you Roulette 4445 1962
She's alright / It feels so nice Roulette 4461 1963
It was so nice while it lasted / You ain't no big thing baby Roulette 4480 1963
If she'll still have me / Listening for my name Roulette 4508 1963
I found out / I got a thing goin' on Roulette 4533 1964
The move to Stax - a heaven-made marriage!!
A place nobody can find / Goodnight baby Stax 168 1965
I take what I want / Sweet home Stax 175 1965
You don't know like I know / Blame me Stax 180 1966
Hold on I'm comin / I got everything I need Stax 189 1966
It feels so nice / It was so nice while it lastes Roulette 5671(reissue) 1966
Said I wasn't gonna tell nobody / If you got the loving Stax 198 1966
You got me hummin' / Sleep good tonight Stax 204 1967
When something is wrong with my baby / Small portion of your love  Stax 210 1967
Soothe me [live version, recorded in Paris] / I can't stand up for falling down Stax 218 1967
Soul man / May I baby Stax 231 1967
I thank you / Wrap it up Stax 242 1968
Stax breaks up with Atlantic, Sam & Dave continue to record at Stax but are released on the Atlantic label.
You don't know what you mean to me / This is your world Atlantic 2517 1968
Can't you find another way / Still is the night Atlantic 2540 1968
Everybody got to believe in somebody / If I didn't have a girl like you Atlantic 2568 1968
Soul sister brown sugar / Come on in Atlantic 2590 1969
Born again / Get it Atlantic 2608 1969
This was the last record produced by Hayes & Porter at Stax. The next 3 records were produced by Jerry Wexler & Tom Dowd.
Ooh ooh ooh / Holdin' on Atlantic 2668 1969
Baby baby don't stop now / I'm not an indian giver Atlantic 2714 1970
When you steal from me / One part love two parts pain Atlantic 2728 1970
The next couple of records were produced by Dave Crawford
Knock out in the park / You easily excite me Atlantic 2733 1970
Don't pull your love out / Jody Rider got killed Atlantic 2839 1971
Sam Moore Solo 45's
Tennessee Waltz / Give you Plenty lovin Atlantic 2762 1970
Stop / Keep on sockin' it to me Atlantic 2799 1971
Shop around/If I should lose your love Atlantic 2814 1971
Dave Prater Solo 45
Keep my fingers crossed / Love business Alston 4596 1972
Sam & Dave re-unite on United Artists
A little bit of good (cures a whole lot of bad )/ Blinded By Love United Artists 438 1974
Under the Boardwalk / Give it What you can United Artists 531 1974
We can work it out / why did you do it Contempo 7004 1977
Thanks to the above goes to my Soul Bro & Buddy - Yoni - check out his great website.
If you don't own the individual albums - then this is the one to purchase

  1. A Place Nobody Can Find (Porter)
2. Goodnight Baby (Cropper/Porter)
3. I Take What I Want (Hayes/Hodges/Porter)
4. You Don't Know Like I Know (Hayes/Porter)
5. Hold On! I'm Comin' (Hayes/Porter)
6. I Got Everything I Need (Cropper/Floyd/Isbell)
7. Don't Make It So Hard on Me (Floyd/Parker)
8. Blame Me (Don't Blame My Heart) (Cropper/Isbell)
9. You Got Me Hummin' (Hayes/Porter)
10. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Hayes/Porter)
11. Small Portion of Your Love (Hayes/Porter)
12. I Don't Need Nobody (To Tell Me 'Bout My... (Catron/Jones/Parker)
13. That's the Way It's Gotta Be (Caple/Jones)
14. Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody (Hayes/Porter)
15. Soothe Me [live] (Cooke)
16. I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down (Banks/Jones)
17. Toe Hold (Hayes/Porter)
18. Soul Man (Hayes/Porter)
19. May I Baby (Hayes/Porter)
20. Just Keep Holding On (Isbell/Jones)
21. The Good Runs the Bad Away (Jackson [2]/Love)
22. Rich Kind of Poverty (Hayes/Selph)
23. I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do (Banks/Jones)
24. My Reason for Living (Hayes/Porter)
25. Stay in School
26. I Thank You (Hayes/Porter)
27. Wrap It Up (Hayes/Porter)
28. Broke Down Piece of Man (Cropper/Shamwell)
29. Hold It Baby (Rice)
30. Come on In (Hayes/Porter)
31. This Is Your World (Banks/Crutcher/Parker)
32. You Don't Know What You Mean to Me (Cropper/Floyd)
33. Everybody Got to Believe in Somebody (Hayes/Porter)
34. Can't You Find Another Way (Of Doing It) (Banks/Jackson [2])
35. Ain't That a Lot of Love (Banks/Banks)
36. Don't Turn Your Heater On (Cropper/Isbell)
37. Soul Sister, Brown Sugar (Hayes/Porter)
38. Born Again (Hayes/Porter)
39. You Left the Water Running (Frank/Hall/Penn)
40. Holdin' On (Crump/Varner)
41. I'm Not an Indian Giver (James)
42. One Part Love-Two Parts Pain (Irwin)
43. Baby-Baby Don't Stop Now (Hayes/Porter)
44. Standing in the Safety Zone
45. Knock It Out the Park (Crawford/Martin [7])
46. Don't Pull Your Love (Lambert/Potter)
47. Jody Ryder Got Killed (Crawford/Martin [7])
48. Starting All over Again (Mitchell)
49. Stop (Ragovoy/Shuman)
50. Shop Around (Gordy/Robinson)
  BACK AT 'CHA! 1976
1. Come into My Life
2. When My Love Hand Comes Down
3. Little Bit of Good
4. Party in My Heart
5. Under the Boardwalk
6. Shoorah! Shoorah!
7. Queen of the Ghetto
8. Blinded by Love
9. Give It What You Can (Cropper/Marsh/Tarbutton)
10. Don't Close the Curtain
  I THANK YOU Stax 1968
1. I Thank You (Hayes/Porter)
2. Everybody Got to Believe in Somebody (Hayes/Porter)
3. These Arms of Mine (Redding)
4. Wrap It Up (Hayes/Porter)
5. If I Didn't Have a Girl Like You (Hayes/Porter)
6. You Don't Know What You Mean to Me (Cropper/Floyd)
7. Don't Turn Your Heater On (Cropper/Isbell)
8. Talk to the Man (Hayes/Porter)
9. Love Is After Me (Cropper/Hayes/Porter)
10. Ain't That a Lot of Love (Banks/Parker)
11. Don't Waste That Love (Hayes/Porter)
12. That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around... (Gillespie/Smith)
  SOUL MEN Stax 1967
1. Soul Man (Hayes/Porter)
2. May I Baby (Hayes/Porter)
3. Broke Down Piece of Man (Cropper/Shamwell)
4. Let It Be Me (Becaud/Curtis/Delanoe)
5. Hold It Baby (Rice)
6. I'm With You (Pauling)
7. Don't Knock It (Hayes/Porte)
8. Just Keep Holding On (Isbell/Jones)
9. The Good Runs the Bad Away (Jackson/Love)
10. Rich Kind of Poverty (Hayes/Selph)
11. I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do (Banks/Jones)
1. You Got Me Hummin' (Hayes/Porter)
2. Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody (Hayes/Porter)
3. That's the Way It's Gotta Be (Caple/Jones)
4. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Hayes/Porter)
5. Soothe Me (Cooke)
6. Just Can't Get Enough (Isbell/Jones)
7. Sweet Pains (Hayes/Porter)
8. I'm Your Puppet (Oldham/Penn)
9. Sleep Good Tonight (Catron/Parker/Wells)
10. I Don't Need Nobody (To Tell Me 'Bout My... (Catron/Jones/Parker)
11. Home at Last (Toombs)
12. Use Me (Hayes/Porter)
  HOLD ON, I'M COMIN' Stax 1966
1. Hold On! I'm Comin' (Hayes/Porter)
2. If You Got the Loving (Cropper/Hayes/Porter)
3. I Take What I Want (Hayes/Hodges/Porter)
4. Ease Me (Hayes/Porter)
5. I Got Everything I Need (Cropper/Floyd/Isbell)
6. Don't Make It So Hard on Me (Floyd/Parker)
7. It's a Wonder (Hayes/Porter)
8. Don't Help Me Out (Hayes/Porter)
9. Just Me (Catron/Frierson/Parker)
10. You Got It Made (Hayes/Porter)
11. You Don't Know Like I Know (Hayes/Porter)
12. Blame Me (Don't Blame My Heart) (Cropper/Isbell)
  SAM & DAVE Roulette 1966
1. It Feels So Nice (Johnson/Kirkland/Woods)
2. I Got a Thing Going On (Corbett)
3. My Love Belongs to You (Moore/Prater)
4. Listening for My Name (Roberts/Taylor)
5. No More Pain (Alaimo)
6. I Found Out (Alaimo)
7. It Was So Nice While It Lasted (Nash)
8. You Ain't No Big Thing Baby (Glover/Levy)
9. I Need You (Moore/Prater)
10. She's Alright (Glover/Levy/Watts)
11. Keep a 'Walkin' (Alaimo/Elgin)
12. If She'll Still Have Me (Roberts/Taylor)