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MEMPHIS MONDAY MORNING 1998 MCD 7495 (Malaco Records)

1. I'm Bobby Bland
2. I don't Want No Kicking In My Stall
3. There's A Rat Loose In My House
4. The Truth Will Set You Free
5. Memphis Monday Morning
6. I'm Glad
7. My Baby Is the One
8. I Hate Missing You
9. You Left Me With The BlueS
10. Lookin' For Some Tush
LIVE ON BEALE STREET 1998 MCD 7489 (Malaco Records)

1. Intro, Bobby Blue Bland Orchestra
2. When Your Love Is Not Around
3. That's The Way Love Is
4. Love Of Mine
5. As Soon As The Weather Breaks
6. Further On Up The Road
7. I Pity The Fool
8. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
9. St. James Infirmary
10. I'll Take Care Of You
11. Get Your Money Where You Spend Your Time
12. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal
13. Sunday Morning Love
14. If You're Gonna Walk On My Love
15. Bobby Rush, Johnnie Taylor Introduction
16. Stormy Monday
17. (Medley) Double Trouble / She's Puttin' Somethin' In My Food
18. Members Only
19. 24 Hours Of The Day
JUST ONE MORE STEP - SXCD 3103 (601 Music)

1. Two Steps From The Blues
2. Sunday Morning Love
3. Angel
4. Second Hand Heart
5. Let's Part As Friends
6. Midnight Run
7. Ain't No Love For Sale
8. I've Got Years Of Tears To Go
9. I've Got A Twenty Room House
10. I Can Take You To Heaven Tonight
SAD STREET 1995 MCD 7478 (Malaco, Inc.)

1. Double Trouble
2. Sad Street
3. God Bless the Child That's Got His Own
4. Tonight's the Night (It's Gonna Be Alright)
5. My Heart's Been Broken Again
6. I've Got A Twenty Room House
7. Mind You Own Business
8. I Wanna Tell You About The Blues
9. I Had A Dream Last Night
10. Let's Have Some Fun

1. Somewhere Between Right And Wrong
2. There's A Stranger In My House
3. Hole In The Wall
4. Years Of Tears To Go
5. Hurtin' Time Again
6. I Just Tripped On A Piece Of Your Broken Heart
7. Sweet Lady Love
8. Love Of Mine
9. I've Got To Have Your Love Tonight
10. You Put The Hurt On A Hurtin' Man

1. Ain't No Love For Sale
2. Hurtin' Love
3. These Are The Things That A Woman Needs
4. I Can't Take You To Heaven Tonight
5. The Last One To Know
6. Just Take My Love
7. I Just Won't Be Your Fool Anymore
8. She's Puttin' Something In Me Food
9. When Hearts Grow Cold
10. Let Love Have Its Way

1. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal
2. Lay Love Aside
3. Kiss Me To The Music
4. Keep It A Secret
5. Take Off You Shoes
6. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
7. If I Don't Get Involved
8. I'm Not Ashamed To Sing The Blues
9. Midnight Run
10. Starting All Over Again

1. Get Your Money Where You Spend Your Time
2. Spending My Life With You
3. Our First Blues Song
4. Restless Feelin's
5. 24 Hours A Day
6. I've Got A Problem
7. Let's Part As Friends
8. For The Last Time
9. There's No Easy Way To Say Goodbye

1. Two Steps From The Blues
2. St. James Infirmary
3. Members Only
4. Sunday Morning Love
5. In The Ghetto
6. Sweet Woman's Love
7. Angel
8. I've Just Got To Know
9. Can We Make Love Tonight
10. After All
11. I Hear You Thinkin'
12. Straight From The Shoulder
13. Love Me Or Leave Me
14. Second Hand Heart
15. Walkin' And Talkin' And Singin' The Blues
16. Heart, Open Up Again
AFTER ALL 1986 MAL 7439

1. Second Hand Heart
2. After All
3. Walkin' & Talkin' & Singin' The Blues
4. I Hear You Thinkin'
5. There Ain't No Turnin' Back
6. Love Me Or Leave Me
7. Angel
8. Sunday Morning Love
9. I Stand Accused
MEMBERS ONLY 1985 - MCD 7429

1. Members Only
2. In The Ghetto
3. I've Just Got To Know
4. Straight From The Shoulder
5. Sweet Woman's Love
6. Can We Make Love Tonight
7. Sweet Surrender
8. I Need Your Love So Bad
9. Heart Open Up Again