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Born Austin Taylor, 16 February 1934, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USA
Soul-blues singer Ted Taylor unleashed his stratospheric, falsetto-driven voice on a wide variety of material during the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, his gospel heritage never far from the surface. He was a veteran of several spiritual groups including the Mighty Clouds Of Joy and the Santa Monica Soul Seekers. This latter group then crossed over to R&B, where they worked a dual career both as the Cadets and the Jacks. By the late '50s, Taylor was signed to Ebb, and a myriad of other imprints soon followed (notably Duke, where he waxed his first version of the ballad 'Be Ever Wonderful'), Okeh (his sides for the Columbia subsidiary were done in Chicago and Nashville), and Ronn, where he spent nearly a decade. A car wreck claimed his life in 1987.
Everywhere I go / Days are dark Ebb 113 1957
If I don't see you again / Keep walking on Ebb 132 1958
Wrapped up in a dream / Very truly yours Ebb 151 1958
Be ever wondeful / Since you're home Duke 304 1959
Count the starts / Hold me tight Duke 308 1959
I'm saving my love / Chanta-lula Top Rank International 2011 196)/60
Has my love grown cold / I need you so Top Rank International 2048 1961
Darling take me back / Look out Top Rank International 2076 1961
Someday / You know I do Top Rank International 3001 1961
A heart that's true / Push push Laurie 3067 1961
You've been crying / Little boy how old are you Laurie 3076 1961
Lovin' hands / I don't want to love you Laurie 3082 1961
I love being loved by you / Together forever Laurie 3095 1961
I'm leaving you Melatone 1961
Someday / You know I do Warwick 628 1961
My darling / She's a winner Gold Eagle 1805 1961
Bandstand drag / Rockin' horse Gold Eagle 1808 1961
That happy day / I don't care Gold Eagle 1810 1961
No matter what you do / Never in my life Gold Eagle 1812 1961
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere / I lost the best things I ever had Soncraft 400 1961
I lost the best things I ever had / Darling if you must leave Dade 5000 1961
Little things mean a lot Apt 25036 1962
Pretending love United Artists 152 1962
Pretending love / Don't lie Okeh 7154 1962
You must have been meant for me / Time has a way Okeh 7159 1962
Can't take no more / I'll release you Okeh 7165 1962
Be ever wondeful / That's life I guess Okeh 7171 1962
You give me nothing to go on / Him instead of me Okeh 7176 1963
I'll make it up to you / It ain't like that no more Okeh 7179 1963
So hard / Need you home Okeh 7190 1964
Somebody's always trying / Top of the world Okeh 7198 1964
If it wasn't for you / You don't deceive me (Please don't) Okeh 7206 1964
So long, bye bye / BabyI love you yes I do Okeh 7214 1965
I'm so satisfied(Love is like a) / Ramblin' rose Okeh 7222 1965
Stay away from my baby / Walking out of your life Okeh 7231 1965
Daddy's baby / Mercy have pity Okeh 7240 1966
Big wheel / No one but you Okeh 7252 1966
Dancing Annie / Try me again Atco 6388 1966
River's invitation / Long distance love Atco 6408 1966
Thank you for helping me see the light / Help the bear Atco 6434 1966
Feed the flame / Baby come back to me Atco 6481 1966
Strange things keep happening / Little boy (How old are you) Jewel 135 1966
Very truly yours / Days are dark Jewel 748 1966
1966 You've been crying / Close your eyes Jewel 759 1966
Everywhere I go / Keep walking on Jewel 774 1966
Miss you so / I'm gonna get tough Ronn 15 1968
I need your love so bad / Ollie-Mae Ronn 21 1968
Without a woman / Honey Lou Ronn25 1966
You got to feel it / Strangest feeling Ronn 29 1969
Long ago / I'm gonna send you back to Oklahoma Ronn 33 1969
It's too late / The road of love Ronn 34 1969
I'm lonely tonight / If I thought you needed me Ronn 37 1969
I feel a chill / Loving physician Ronn 40 1970
Something strange is goin' on in my house / Funky thing Ronn 44 1970
It's a funky situation / I'm so glad you're home Ronn 46 1970
Can't take no more (So baby bye bye) / Singing man Ronn 49 1971
How's your love life baby / (This is a) Troubled world Ronn 52 1971
How do you walk away from fear / Only the lonely knows Ronn 57 1972
I'm just a crumb in your bread box of love / Houston town Ronn 63 1972
I want to be a part of you girl / Going in the hole Ronn 65 1972
What a fool / Make up for lost time Ronn 72 1973
Break of day / Fair weather woman Ronn 74 1973
Cry it out baby / Walking the floor Ronn 75(with Little Johnny Taylor) 1973
She loves to do it as well as you / Ready for the heartbreak Ronn 77 1974
I've got to find somebody new / For all the days of my life Ronn 82 1974
Pretending love / Funky ghetto Ronn 89 1974
Houston town / Cummin's prison Ronn 106 1974
Be ever wonderful / I love you just the same Ronn 112 1974
Everybody's stealing / Caught up in a good woman's love Alarm 110 1975
Steal away / Somebody's gettin' it Alarm 2112 1975
Gonna hate myself in the morning / Stick by me Alarm 2114 1976
Ghetto disco / You can make it if you try Alarm 2117 1977
Two minute warning / Paying for my love mistakes Alarm 2119 1977
You make loving you so easy / Talk to me Alarm 2123  
Paying for my love mistakes / Spanish Harlem Alarm 2124((The Taylors feat.Ted Taylor)  
Keepin' my head above water / I can't fake it anymore MCA 40937 1978
Chase the world away / Double my money bag MCA 40977 1978
I let you hurt me too long / Pleading for love Solpugids 101  
You're tippin' she's rippin' / Little red rooster Solpugids 102  
Children of the light / Loving you till the break of day Solpugids 2313  
Be ever wondeful / (Love is like a) Ramblin' rose    
Stay away from my baby / Daddy's baby    
I'm leaving you Watts City 1003 1983

1. Somebody's Gettin' It (Colter/Davis/Jones)
2. Steal Away (Hughes)
3. Stick by Me (Taylor)
4. Standing in the Wings of Heartache (Dees)
5. Wrapped up in a Good Woman's Love (Dees)
6. I'm Gonna Hate Myself in the Morning (Crutcher/Dees/Knight)
7. It Takes a Fool (To Be a Fool Again) (Strickland/Taylor)
8. You Make Loving You So Easy (Bell/Strickland)
9. High Heel Sneakers (Higgenbotham)
10. Everybody's Stealing (McQueen/Roberts/Taylor/Williams)
11. Talk to Me (Seneca)
12. Paying for My Love Mistakes (Bell/Quezerque/Strickland/Taylor)
13. Two Minute Warning (Singleton)
14. Ghetto Disco (Bell/Strickland/Taylor)
15. You Can Make It If You Try (Jarrett)
Ronn Records. Ted Taylor's "Taylor Made" out-of-print LP. Includes: It's A Funky Situation, Something Strange Is Going On In My House, Houston Town, Who's Doing It To Who, Call The House Doctor, (This Is A) Troubled World, Papa's Gonna Make Love, How's Your Love Life Baby, Only The Lonely Knows, Sweet Lovin' Pair, Can't Take No More, I Feel A Chill.

European Marginal(MAR 081) CD
STEAL AWAY Paula 1991
1. My Key Jumpback in My Hand
2. Home at Last
3. The Wolf
4. Feed the Flame
5. I Can't Take No More
6. Crumb in Your Bread Box of Love
7. Steal Away (Hughes)
8. Get Your Own Woman
9. Only the Lonely Knows (Taylor)
10. Torch of Love
  Taylor Made For You SPG Records, TT-1002 1987

1. My Key Jumped Back In My Hand
2. Home At Last
3. The Wolf
4. Feed The Flame
5. I Can't Take No More
6. Crumb In Your Bread Box Of Love
7. Steal Away
8. Get Your Own Woman
9. Only The Lonely Knows
10. Torch Of Love
  Be Ever Wonderful Solpugdits Records 1001 1985
1. Be Ever Wonderful
2. Pleadin For Love
3. It Hurts To Be In Love
4. Some Day
5. Little Red Rooster
6. How Could You Do That
7. You're Tippin, She's Rippin'
8. Stay Away From My Baby
  Keep On Walking Charly 1980
1. Everywhere I Go (Taylor)
2. Days Are Dark (Taylor)
3. Strange Things Happening
4. (Hold on) I Got the Chills
5. If I Don't See You Again (Taylor)
6. Keep Walking On (Taylor)
7. Miss You So
8. It's Too Late (Willis)
9. She's Got a Munchy Tunchy
10. Bread Box of Love
11. How's Your Love Life Baby (Grayson/Lexing)
12. Only the Lonely Knows (Taylor)
13. Don't Be Slapping My Hand Buddy
14. Houston Town (Williams)
15. I Need Your Love So Bad (Dunham)
16. Keep What You Get (And Like It)
Soul-singin' Ted Taylor employs his airy falsetto on uptempo and ballad tracks in an obvious attempt to spread his talents to the masses. He updates his signature song "Be Ever Wonderful," losing none of the original's richness. On the upbeat "Double My Money Bags," his stratospheric false voice sounds Bee Gee-ish, and "Keeping My Head Above Water" is a good attempt at emulating the Stylistics' Russell Thompkins. "Born on the Wrong Side of Temptation" has a fast disco beat, similar to what Salsoul Records was doing with Eddie Holman. The other beaters and ballads are equally as pleasing, a good effort that never got recognized.  KEEPING MY HEAD ABOVE WATER MCA 1978
1.  Keepin' my head above water
2.  Love in an open hand
3.  Chase the world away
4.  Double my money bag
5.  Just two people (sharing the same address)
6.  It's in my blood
7.  Be ever wonderful
8.  Born on the wrong side of temptation
9.  Flashbacks
10.I can't fake it anymore

Thanks to Eliot Williams for the tracklisting
Ted Taylor & Little Johnny Ronn 7533 1974
1. (I'm Just A Crumb In Your) Bread Box
2. Cry It Out Baby
3. Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
4. Funky Ghetto
5. Gonna Find Me A New Love
6. Honey Lou
7. I Can't See Myself As A One Woman Man
8. Make Love To Me Baby
9. Only The Lonely Knows
10. Pretending Love
11. Walking The Floor
12. When Are You Coming Home
TAYLOR MADE Ronn LPS 7531 1971
1. It's a Funky Situation (McQueen/Williams)
2. Something Strange Is Going on in My House (McQueen/Williams/Williams)
3. Houston Town (Williams)
4. Who's Doing It to Who (McQueen/Williams)
5. Call the House Doctor (Taylor)
6. (This Is A) Troubled World (Taylor)
7. Papa's Gonna Make Love (McQueen/Williams/Williams)
8. How's Your Love Life Baby (Grayson/Lexing)
9. Only the Lonely Knows (Taylor)
10. Sweet Lovin' Pair (McQueen/Williams/Williams)
11. Can't Take No More (Taylor)
12. I Feel a Chill (Davis/Day)
  SHADES OF BLUE Ronn 1970
1. You've Been Crying (Taylor)
2. The Girl of My Dreams (Taylor)
3. I've Got the Chills (Peace/Taylor)
4. This Love of Mine (Parker/Sanicola/Sinatra)
5. Keep Walking On (Taylor)
6. If I Don't See You Again (Taylor)
7. Very Truly Yours (McCoy/Singleton)
8. Everywhere I Go (Taylor)
9. Days Are Dark (Taylor)
10. Wrapped in a Dream (Berlin/Best)
11. Only Your Love (Taylor)
12. Close Your Eyes (Petkere)
YOU CAN DIG IT Ronn LPS 7529 1970
1. It's Too Late (Willis
2. Cover Me (Greene/Hinton)
3. If I Thought You Needed Me (Glover/McCoy)
4. The Road of Love (Carter)
5. Ollie Mae (Taylor)
6. You Got to Feel It (Beard/Leflore)
7. Funky Thing (Taylor)
8. I'm Lonely Tonight (Geramita)
9. Without a Woman (Ivy/Miller/Penn)
10. Long Ago (Killen/Penn)
11. Strangest Feeling (Oldham/Penn)
12. I Need Your Love So Bad (Dunham)
1. Be Ever Wonderful (Matyka/Robey/Scott)
2. Pleadin' for Love (Birdsong)
3. It Hurts to Be in Love (Dixon/Toobs)
4. Some Day (Taylor)
5. Little Red Rooster (Burnett/Dixon)
6. How Could You Do That (Jackson/Taylor)
7. You're Tippin', She's Rippin' (Taylor)
8. Stay Away from My Baby (Pennington)
Thanks go to Alberto Secades for his help in compiling the above Discography