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Born 3rd April 1941, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Died... 14th July 1984, Oakland, California, U.S.A.

Philippe Wynne grew up in a gospel environment, later becoming a member of the Bootsy Collins group The Pacesetters in 1968. The following year he became a member of James's Brown group The JB's where he stayed for two years. In 1971 he became the lead singer of THE DETROIT SPINNERS, taking the group on to a string of hits including 'I'll Be Around' and 'Could It Be I'm Falling In Love'. He remained with them until 1977 when he signed to the Cotillion label as a solo artist. Here he recorded 'Starting All Over' (1977) before teaming up with George Clinton to tour and record with Funkadelic on '(Not Just) Knee Deep'. In 1980, Philippe released 'Wynne Jammin' on the Uncle Jam label.. In 1983 he recorded 'You Ain't Going Anywhere But Gone', written and produced by Bunny Sigler and released by Sugarhill Records. Sugarhill released 'Philippe Wynne' on Sylvia Robinson's label in 1984.

On 14th July 1984, Philippe collapsed while on stage in Oakland, California, from a heart attack, and was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Philipe Wynne's funeral was held in Los Angeles, California at the Angeles funeral home. The funeral was attended byLonnie Cook(a personal friend and songwriter for the group Natural Four, penning the tune 'I Thought You Were Mine'), who was surprised to see that only 8 people had attended the wake. Lonnie and seven of Philipe's family members made up the numbers, all signing their surnames as 'Wright', a surname that Wynne assumed during his recording past.

America we're still #1/ Instr. Sugar Hill 1983 US Issue
Starting All Over          Cotillion   1977

.   Starting All Over
2.   Waiting On A Letter From Home
3.   Think Of Your Thoughts As Children
4.   Hobo Stew
5.   Hats Off To Mama
6.   Like A Loser Needs A Winner
7.   That's Alright Too
8.   Take Me As I Am
9.   Lisa
10. Starting All Over(Reprise)
Wynne Jammin'                      Cotillion/Uncle Jam 1980

1.  Never Gonna Tell It  
2.  Put Your Own Puzzle Together 
3.  You Make Me Happy (You Got The Love I Need)
4.  We Dance So Good Together 
5.  Hotel Eternity 
6.  Breakout 
7.  You Gotta Take Chances 

Vocals: Brandye (Pamela Vincent, Donna Davis and Melody McCully)
Philippe Wynne            Sugarhill Records 1984

1.  Sexy Girl
2.  You Ain't Going Anywhere But Gone
3.  Help Us To Stand
4.  You Made Me Love You
5.  Let me Go Love
6.  All The Way
7.  Did i Jump
8.  He Don't Love You
9.  Lovin' You Is Killin' Me