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Memphis vocalist Randy had a deep, frequently entrancing voice and captivating delivery, though he never enjoyed major success or consistent hits.He recorded for Parachute and Chocolate City in the late '70s and early '80s, often doing songs written by Homer Banks and Chuck Brooks, who also produced much of the material on 'Intimately' and 'Midnight Desire'. Randy's lone hit was "We Ought To Be Doin' It" in 1980, which made it to #16 on the R&B charts. He kept plugging, recording as recently as 1988 for Three-Way Records. The brother of William Brown, a member of The Mad Lads, Randy is still active on the Gospel scene.

There are some great slow ballads on these albums. I'd Rather Hurt Myself, Too Little In Common, Crazy 'Bout You Baby, If If I Don't Love You & If I Had To Do It All Over are a few favourites but overall the quality is very high and all the more surprising in the fact that they were recorded in the middle of the 'Disco' rage. The mid tempo tracks are also very good and at no time does one find a dud track. Ten years earlier he would have had more success methinks!

Soul Brother

He also cut some earlier 45s (post his first spell at Stax)most notably for IX Chains, and another Stax offshoot Truth. A wonderful singer.....His brother William Brown also cut a 45 called "Everybody likes it".

Steve Guarnori

Although 'Midnight Desire' is shaded for me by 'Welcome to My Room' its a fine album . Randy made a decent Christmas themed 45 (if that is possible)on Sound Town around 1980. 'At Christmas Time' was recorded in Memphis with the writers Homer Banks and Chuck Brooks also on production credits.The flip is the instrumental version of same song.

Greg Burgess

The late seventies and very early eighties were the years of the ultra-smooth swaying dancers and very very laid-back bedroom stories. Both styles had a great ambassador in Randy Brown, an ultra soulful singer whose work is sadly very underrated. This man has some serious soul tunes on each and every one of his albums. So don't be misled by his dubious attire on the record sleeves, this is more than just a poor man's Barry White. "Welcome to my room" was completely written and produced by that famous duo Homer Banks and Carl Hampton. Songs with title like "Do it baby", "I wanna make love to you" and "I'm always in the mood" turn out to be brilliant floaters and dancers with all the right moves. Check this guy out, if you like (for instance) Prince Phillip Mitchell, Marvin Gaye or David Oliver.

Hans & Harry

Did you Hear Yourself Pt 1/2 Randy Brown and Co ? Tra 3207 1974
You're So Good / We Ought To Be Doing It Casablanca 1977
Are You Lonely / Lifetime Of Happiness / Trying To Hold On Three Way 12" 1988
At Christmas Time Sound Town
Blood Is Thicker Than Water / Bring My Buddies Back Stone Lady 006
Hello Darling / Our Forefather's Stone Lady 008
Randy Chocolate City 1981

1. Right Track
2. If I Don't Love You
3. Tomorrow
4. Just To Be With You
5. Leave The Bridges Standing
6. Looking For The Real Thing
7. I Was Blessed (The Day I Found You)
Midnight Desire Chocolate City 1980

1. Love Formular 69
2. We Ought To Be Doing It
3. Things That I Could Do For You
4. With Your Love
5. You're So Good
6. Without You
7. The Next Best Thing To Being There
8. Do You Love Me
9. Love Be With You
Intimately Parachute 1978

1. You Say It All
2. I'm Here
3. I Was Blessed(The Day I Found You)
4. I Thought Of You Today
5. You Make Me Happy
6. It Scares Me So
7. Use it
8. I Wanna Baby You
9. Crazy 'Bout You
WELCOME TO MY ROOM Parachute 1978

1. Do It Baby
2. I Wanna Make Love To You
3. Love Is All We Need
4. I Love You Baby
5. I'm Always In The Mood
6. I'd Rather Hurt Myself
7. Sweet, Sweet Darling
8. Too Little In Common
CHECK IT OUT Stax 1975

1. Sweet To The Bone
2. Heaven Knows
3. If It's Love That You Want
4. Two Fools
5. If I Had To Do It All Over
6. Thank You For The Happiness
7. Without You
8. Smoking Room