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Paul Kelly was born 19th June 1940, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.  Paul was singing in local groups The Spades and The Valadeers by the time he was a teenager.His first professional break came in the early '60's whenClarence Reid invited him to join his group The Del-Mires. In 1963 he recorded with the group on a song 'Down With It Can't Quit It' on the Selma label. Turning solo artist, Paul made his debut with 'It's My Baby' (on the Lloyd label), and recorded a series of Reid songs through to the late '60's.His main success during this era was 'Chills And Fever' (1968)
The song, which established Paul across America, was 'Stealing In The Name Of The Lord', a controversial song which upset church groups but didn't stop the record being a hit for the Happy Tiger label. Also on the label he had success with 'Cryin' For My Baby', both these songs produced by country producer Buddy Kitten prior to the demise of the label when Paul signed with Warner Brothers. Here he released an album 'Dirt' (1972), which included Paul's own songs 'Poor But Proud', 'Hangin' On In There' and '509'. Next to come were 'Don't Burn Me' (1973) and 'Hooked, Hogtied and Collared' (1974), including 'Take It Away From Him And Put It On Me', both highly regarded in soul circles. His last Warner's album was 'Stand On The Positive Side', co-produced by Gene Page in 1976. From here Paul recorded briefly with Epic ('Everybody's Got A Jones', 1978) and A & M ('I've Been To The Well Before', 1980) before forming Laurence Records in 1983.He ran the label under the pseudonym Laurence Dunbar, but recorded singles 'Livin' In A Dream', 'Children Are Listenin' and 'I Keep Holding On' in 1984 under his real name Paul Kelly. 'Gonna Stick And Stay' and 'Let's Celebrate Life' followed in 1992 and 1999, respectively.

Sooner Or Later* Down With It Can't Quit It* Selma 4002 1963
* Clarence Reed & The Delmiros (sic) (lead vocals by Paul Kelly)
Clarence Reid came down with laryngitis when it came time to record "Sooner Or Later", so his friend Paul filled in on vocals!
The Upset It's My Baby Lloyd  
Track was inspired by Cassius Clay's surprising victory over Sonny Liston.
Chills & Fever Only Your Love Lloyd 7 1965
Chills & Fever Only Your Love Dial 4021 1965
Since I Found You Can't Help It Dial 4025 1966
Nine Out Of Ten Times I Need Your Love So Bad Philips40409 1966
Cryin' For My Baby Sweet Sweet Lovin' Philips 40457 1967
If This Old House Could Talk You Don't Know, You Just Don't Know Philips 40480 1967
Call Another Doctor We're Gonna Make It Dial 4088 1968
My Loving Is Growing Stronger Glad To Be Sad Philips 40513 1968
Since There's No More Of You*** Get Away Boy*** Love Hill 001 1969
Since There Is No More You*** Get Away Boy*** Juggy 404 1970
***Annetta             Annette Snell   Duet between Paul Kelly(different Titles same recording)  
Stealing In The Name Of The Lord The Day After Forever Happy Tiger 541 1970
509 Sailing Happy Tiger 555 1970
Poor But Proud Hot Runnin' Soul Happy Tiger 568 1970
Hangin' On In There Soul Flow Happy Tiger 573 1971
Dirt Poor But Proud Warner 7558 1972
Here Comes Old Jezebel Travelin' Man Warner 7614 1972
Don't Burn Me Love Me Now Warner 7657 1972
Come By Here Come Lay Some Lovin' On Me Warner 7707 1973
Joy I'm Into Something I Can't Shake Loose Warner 7765 1974
Hooked, Hogtied & Collared I Wanna Get Next To You Warner 7823/8008? 1974
I Wanna Be Close To You Let Your Love Come Down Warner 8040 1974
Take It Away From Him Try My Love Warner 8067 1975
Get Sexy I Believe I Can Warner 8120 1975
Play Me A Love Song Stealin' Love On The Side Warner 8187 1976
To The Bone, Get It On           Warner 8347         
Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah To The Bone, Get It On Warner 8421 1977
Everybody's Got A Joneses Shake Your Mind Epic 50555 1978
Chills & Fever Only Your Love Atlantic K10272 1979
2nd Issue      
Been To The Wall Before I Love The Way You Love A & M 2320 1981
Change To Me Tell Me Laurence 12" 1989
Children Are Listening Crack (The Devil's Pipe) Laurence 12" 81788 1989
Stealing In The Name Of The Lord   Happy Tiger HT-1015     1970

1.   509
2.   Hot Runnin' Soul
3.   Funny
4.   A Helping Hand
5.   Soul Flow
6.   Try To Love Somebody
7.   Poor But Proud
8.   Comin' Comin' Comin'
9.   The Day After Forever
10. Travelin' Man
11. What's Happening To Me And You
12. Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
Dirt       Warner Bros 2605       1972

1.   He Ain't Nothin But Dirt
2.   509
3.   Hot Runnin' Soul 
4.   Hangin' On In There
5.   A Helping Hand
6.   Soul Flow 
7.   Here Comes Old Jezebel
8.   Poor But Proud
9.   The Day After Tomorrow 
10. Travelin' Man
11. What's Happened To Me And You
12. Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
       All compositions by Paul Kelly
Don't Burn Me       Warner Bros BS 2689      1973

1.   Come Lay Some Lovin' On Me
2.   (You Bring Me) Joy
3.   I Wanna Get Next To You
I Could Never Love Nobody Like I'm Lovin' You
5.   Come With Me
6.   Love Me Now
7.   Wrapped Up In Your love
8.   Sweetness
9.   Come By Here
10. My Love For You Won't Die
11. I'd Be Satisfied
12. Don't Burn Me
Hooked, Hogtied & Collared  Warner Bros  BS 2812       1974

1.   Let Your Love Come Down
2.   I Wanna Be Close To You
3.   Take It Away From Him
4.   Try My Love
5.   Till I Get To My Baby's Love
6.   Hooked
7.   You Make Me Tremble
8.   You Turned A Lion Into A Lamb
9.   I'm Gonna Be Loving You
10.   I Believe I Can
11. I'm Into Something I Can't Shake Loose
12. Holding On For Dear Life
Stand On The Positive Side    Warner Bros3026       1977

1.   To the Bone, Get It On 
2.   (Loving You) Ain't Nothin' Better 
3.   Bathin' in Love Waters 
4.   Feeling Good All Over  
5.   Fat Lady That Bumped Me Down 
6.   Feather in the Wind 
7.   Hallelujah Glory H 
(Juanita Rogers solo)
8.   Stand on the Positive Side of Life 
9.   God Can 
All compositions by Paul Kelly
      Tracks 4 & 6 with Rogers
Gonna Stick And Stay        Bullseye Blues       1992
1.   Personally 
2.   The New Rules 
3.   Friendly Enemies 
4.   Baby, Baby, Come Back and Stay 
5.   Top of the Hill
6.   If You Can Take Her, She Isn't Mine 
7.   Nowhere to Hide 
8.   Just One Love 
9.   Good Times Are Here Tonight 
10. I'm Gonna Hold You to Your Promise
11. I'm Gonna Be Holdin'
All compositions by Paul Kelly 
Let's Celebrate Life                Ripete    1998

1.   The Devil's Pipe 
2.   Stealing in the Name of the Lord 
3.   Children Are Listening 
4.   My Journey's End 
5.   (I Keep) Missing You 
6.   Change to Me 
7.   Happy Days Motel (The Saturday Night Fool)
8.   Let's Celebrate Life 
9.   Bathe in Your Own Glory 
10. Riding on a Love Cloud 
11. Everything That's Good to You 
12. The Sun's Gonna Shine Again 
All compositions by Paul Kelly
The Best Of Paul Kelly        Warner Bros   1999    1996

1.   Stealin' In The Name of the Lord 
2.   Poor But Proud 
3.   (He Ain't Nothin' But) Dirt 
4.   Come By Here 
5.   I'd Be Satisfied
6.   Come With Me 
7.   I Wanna Get Next to You 
8.   Come Lay Some Lovin' on Me 
9.   Don't Burn Me 
10. I'm into Somethig I Can't Shake Loose
11. Hooked, Hogtied & Collared 
12. Take It Away from Him (Put It On Me)
13. Let Your Love Come Down (Let It Fall on... )
14. You Make Me Tremble 
15. Till I Get to My Baby's Love 
16. Play Me a Love Song 
17. Get Sexy 
18. Love for Sale 
19. Stealin' Love on the Side 
20. God Can 
Paul also played a huge role in the career of Annette Snell, an old friend from South Florida. Snell's group The Marvells backed Kelly on some of his early recordings, and he returned the favor by writing and producing most of her solo material.  Single on Dial 123
Footsteps On My Mind/You Ought Be Here With Me     

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