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An R&B vocal group from Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The lead singer Louis Williams sounded very much like Sam Cooke, and the group built their career on a merger of the Sam Cooke sound with southern gospel harmonies. Recording for the Goldwax label, their first hit in 1965 was "It's Wonderful To Be In Love" (number 22 R&B, number 61 pop). Although producing a score of southern hits, they had only one other national hit on Goldwax with "Me And My Imagination' (number 40 R&B) in 1967. The original group(Melvin Jones, Nathan 'Pedro' Lewis) soon broke up and Williams formed a new Ovations group with three former members of Ollie And The Nightingales, Rochester Neal, Bill Davis and Quincy Billops Jnr. They reached the charts again with the MGM-subsidiary label Sounds Of Memphis. Reverting to the parent label, the group had its biggest hit in 1973 by fully exploiting Williams" ability to sound like Sam Cooke with a remake of the singer's 1962 hit, "Having A Party" (number 7 R&B, number 56 pop). The group was sadly never able to reach the charts again and soon disbanded.

Louis Williams Jnr. (lead singer) (b. 24th February, 1941, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.
d. 13th October 2002, Methodist Healthcare University Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.)

Won't You call / Pretty Little Angel Goldwax 110
Dance Party / It's Wonderful To Be In Love Goldwax 113
They Say / Me And My Imagination Goldwax 114
Recipe For Love / I'm Living Good Goldwax 117
Don't Cry / I Need A Lot Of Loving Goldwax 300
I Believe I'll Go Back Home / Qualifications Goldwax 306
Me And My Imagination / They Say Goldwax 314
I've Gotta Go / Ride My Trouble And Blues Away Goldwax 322
Rocking Chair / Happiness Goldwax 341
You Had Your Choice / I'm Living Good Goldwax 342
Having A Party MGM 14623
I'm In Love MGM 14705
Pure Natural Love Chess 2166
1. Hooked On A Feeling
2. I Can't Be Satisfied
3. One In A MIllion
4. Take It From One Who Knows
5. Were You There/Touch The Hem Of His Garment
6. So Nice tO Be Loved By You
7. Touching Me
8. Don't Break Your Promise
9. Mr. River
10. You'll never Know
1. Til I Find Some Way
2. Don't Say You Love Me
3. Just Enough To Keep Me Hangin' On
4. The Plumber
5. You Gave The Best Performance
6. I'm In Love
7. Let Me Help You Love Again
8. I Can't Believe It's Over
9. Sweet Thing
10. Stars Are Out Tonight
11. Tell Me Why
12. Pa Pa
1. Having A Party
2. Your Love Is Like A Song To me
3. Born On A Back Street
4. Touching Me
5. My Nest Is StilL Warm
6. You Send me
7. Under The Banana Tree
8. Don't Look Back
9. I Can'T Believe It's Over
10. A Change Is Gonna Come
PEACE OF MIND Goldwax 1977
1. Peace Of Mind
2. I Miss You Baby
3. It's Wonderful To Be In Love
4..Recipe For Love
5. I'm Living Good
6. Don't Cry
7. I Need A Lot Of Loving
8. I Believe I'll Go Back Home
9. Ride My Troubles And Blues Away
10. What Did I Do
11. You And Tom
12. When It Comes To Loving You
13. Me And My Imagination
14. They Say