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It Hurts Me So Get Plenty Troubles Zil 9005 1960
Chick Chick Chicky Chick Always My Love Zil 9006 1960
Somebody's Gonna Miss Me Darling Dear Excello 2196 1961
Teenie Weenie Night Time Is The Right Time Duchess 1002 1961
What Have I Done Wrong Only I Can Tell The Story Duchess 1007 1961
Say What A Mistaken Prayer Duchess 1015 1962
I'm Not Through Lovin' You I've Got Everything (My Baby Needs) Sound Plus 2127/
Sound Stage 7 2553
I Know I'm Gonna Miss You /Little Bag Of Tricks Sound Stage 7 2562 1966
It's Such A Sad Sad World Shake And Vibrate Sound Stage 7 2575 1966
Cruise On Fannie (Cruise On)/ Nobody Has To Tell Me Sound Stage 7 2586 1967
It's Gonna Take A Little Time Please Please Please Sound Stage 7 2598 1967
Otis Is Gone/part 1 Otis Is Gone/part 2 Sound Stage 7 2606 1967
So Says My Heart Everyday I Have To Cry Some Sound Stage 7 2616 1968
It's Gonna Take A Little More Time So Says My Heart Seventy SevenSP 2142  
Bless Your Heart Don't Trust No One Seventy SevenSP 2144
I Wish I Felt This Way At Home Yak-A-Poo Renegade 100 1970
Sweet Desire I Will Renegade 1201 1970
Warm And Tender Love You Don't Know Like I Know Ace 3012 1975
This Is Lattimore's World - Seventy-7 106, 1977
P-Vine PLP 316, Deep Soul Classics
1. I Know I'm Gonna Miss You
2. Please Please Me
3. I've Got Everything
4. I'm Not Through Loving You
5. It's Such A Sad Sad World
6. Everyday I Have To Cry Some
7. So Says My Heart
8. It's Gonna Take A Little Time
9. Don't Trust No One
10.Bless Your Heart
11.Boo Ga Lou Sue
12. Otis Is Gone Part 1 & 2
13. It Hurts Me So Bad
14. Cruise On Fanny (Cruise On)***
15. Shake & Vibrate***
16. Little Bag Of Tricks***

Tracks marked *** were added for the album on Charly
Every Day I Have To Cry - Charly CRB 1157, 1987
Help with this Discography came from members of the Yahoo Soul Cellar Group