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Johnnie's biggest hit album also proved his undoing. Stax had collapsed, and he ended up on Columbia's roster. The disco boom was beginning, and he had the perfect single. "Disco Lady" was vocally quite similar to his earlier material, but its lyrics embraced the hedonism and dance-your-troubles-away ethic of the era. It was not only a number one hit, but the song of the year for 1976, and he was shoved into territory he wasn't comfortable in. The rest of the album was standard soul, but this was overlooked in the rush. The following albums only got worse with third rate material and Johnnie not comfortable. He eventually left the label after subsequent attempts to pigeonhole him as a dance singer bombed


Eargasm - (1976, Columbia.)  
1. Disco Lady
2. Please Don't Stop (That Song from Playing)
3. Don't Touch Her Body (If You Can't Touch.)
4. I'm Gonna Keep on Loving You
5. You're The Best Girl in the World
6. Running Out of Lies
7. Somebody's Gettin' It
8. It Don't Hurt Me Like It Used To
9. Pick up the Pieces


Rated Extraordinaire - (1977 CBS.)

1. Your Love Is Rated X
2. Stormy Here I Go
3. Did He Make Love to You?
4. And I Panicked
5. Love Is Better in the a M
6. It Ain't What You Do
7. Not Just Another Booty Song
8. I'm Just a Shoulder to Cry On
9. Stop Giving People Hard Luck

Disco 9000 - (1977, CBS)

1. Disco Lady
2. I Got This Thing for Your Love
3. Play Something Pretty
4. Somebody's Gettin' It
5. Your Love Is Rated X
6. Disco 9000
7. (Ooh-Wee) She's Killing Me
8. Ever Ready
9. Keep on Dancing
10. You're the Best in the World

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Ever Ready -(1978 Columbia.)
1.  Hey Mister Melody Maker
2.  Ever Ready (Bryant, Moore)
3.  Keep on Dancing (McCollough, Shamwell)
4.  I Gotta Keep Groovin' You
5.  Soul Fillet
6.  Bittersweet Love (Moore, Robinson)
7.  I Love to Make Love When It's Raining
8.  Give Me My Baby (McNeir, Morrison)

Things were beginning to get ugly for Johnnie Taylor at Columbia, following a period when he enjoyed remarkable success. But the success of "Disco Lady" fooled executives into thinking Taylor could repeat that kind of pop performance when his style was straight gospel-tinged soul with a dollop of blues flavor. Taylor was recording songs he didn't believe in, care about, or was suited to sing, and it showed.

She's Killing Me - (1979, Columbia.)(EP)
1.  Little Dancin' Queen
2.  Play Something Pretty
3.  (Ooo.Wee) She's Killing Me
4.  The Users
5.  Love Account
6.  Pulling The Train
7.  I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
It would soon be a new day, because Taylor was headed for the hills as soon as this flop ran its course. He had gone from having the number one album in the entire world in 1977 to cutting ill-fated pop schlock and pseudo-disco. While they tried on this album to find a middle ground between Taylor's soul/gospel strengths and generic dance-pop, he no longer had the motivation to deal with the nonsense, and it showed throughout this album. While this wasn't his worst, it was far from his best.

New Day - (1980, Columbia.)

The heart break kid
2. I'd rather hurt myself
3. I got this thing for your love
4. Signing off with love
5. Baby lay down
6. Sneakin' sneakin'
7. I wanna get into you
8. Sylvia
9. Baby don't hesitate

Johnnie had left Columbia and did one album for Beverly Glen. It should not be missed.'Just Ain't Good Enough' is a classic and Womack's 'I'm So Proud' is also excellent.

Just Ain't Good Enough - (1982, Beverly Glen Records)

1. What About My Love
2. Don't Wait
3. I'm So Proud
4. Just Ain't Good Enough
5. I Need a Freak
6. Reaganomics

Soul Brother: This is one of my favourite J.T. Albums