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Many Biographies/Discographies of the artists featured on my webpage have been easier than others to create. Others have needed help from fellow lovers of our music. The Jeannie Reynolds page was one such project ..after discussions by members of the SoulfulDetroit Forum..and it is with many thanks that I can produce the below information.

Jeannie Reynolds, best known for "The Fruit Song," was the sister of L.J.Reynolds of the Dramatics. Though "The Fruit Song" is her signature song, her highest-charting single was the snappy "The Phone's Been Jumping All Day" on Casablanca Records, which went to number ten R&B on Billboard in summer 1975. Her only other R&B charting single was its follow-up, "Lay Some Lovin' on Me." With its "fruitful" cover, the singer's LP  Cherries, Bananas and Other Fine Things on Casablanca was issued in June 1976. One single from the LP, "The Fruit Song," written by Lawrence Payton of the Four Tops and Fred Bridges , became a huge disco hit, a post-release collectible, and a steppers standard. Another Casablanca LP, One Wish, was produced by Don Davis. Tragically, Jeannie took her two children's lives before committing suicide in 1980.

Heikki Click to take you to his Soul Magazine While on Mainstream, the preceding single (717)was cut by Jeannie's brother, Larry (L.J.) Reynolds: Call On Me/Intruder. L.J.: "We went as a package." Larry sings on Jeannie's single, and she on his single. L.J.Reynolds: "Jeannie decided that she didn't want to be around any more. She did have some medical problems, which might have contributed to her decision to commit suicide. She killed herself and the kids. It was a terrible thing. It was a terrible tragedy in my life, because I had to go back and reassemble myself, and to see what I wanted to do in this business. I think in a way I just kinda got grips of myself, put one day after the other and accepted what she did and asked God to forgive us. As far as I was concerned, she had everything in the world to live for."

As Jeany Reynolds.... but there are versions as Shirley Jean and the Relations
Down On Me / Don't Set Me Free Mainstream 718 1969
  Scans supplied by Ron Murphy - thanks
As Jeannie Reynolds and the Re-Leets
I Don't Mess Around / People Make The World A Better Place Washington 1001 1971
People Make The World Better Place / If I Had A Man Like You People 601 1972
  Thanks for the scans David, Hitoshi and Heikki
AsJeannie Reynolds
I Know He'll Be Back Someday / You Ain't The Only Man Chess 2150 1974
The Phone's Been Jumping All Day / Unwanted Company Casablanca 834 1975
Lay Some Lovin' On Me / Love Don't Come Easy For Me Casablanca 846 1975
Hit And Run / I've Still Got My Pride Casablanca 866 1976
Hit And Run / The Fruit Song Casablanca 870 1976
I'm Hooked On You Casablanca 911 1978
Casablanca 7029

1. The Fruit Song
2. Hit And Run
3. Unyielding
4. The Feelin' Ain't There
5. I've Still Got My Pride
6. You Want To Get Your Hands On A Woman
7. Look What Your Love Has Done To Me Ma
8. I'm Lonely
9. I Come Here To Party
                  ONE WISH 1977
Casablanca 7075

1. Come My Way
2. Be Someone
3. I Know I'll Always Be In Love With You
4. I'm Hooked On You
5. Sexy Man
6. I Don't Want To Be Second Best
7. Don't Make A Fool Of Me
8. Guide Me Well