When David Porter first heard J. Blackfoot sing, he signed him immediately to Stax records. Foot performed the Otis Redding hit "Shout Bamalama" during his audition and Porter knew right away that this man had something special. Blackfoot teamed with Anita Louis, Shelbra Bennett, and former Del Rio, Norman West, to form the Soul Children. Their first record with Stax, "Give'em Love", hit the R&B charts as did their second, "I'll Understand and their 1972 release, "Hearsay", landed on the R&B and Pop charts.


J. Blackfoot went solo in 1983 with the release of his album, City Slicker". The single, "Taxi", hit the #10 spot on the R&B charts. A single, "Uptown Lady" on the compilation, 926 East McLemore, A Reunion of Former Stax Artists, was the first tune to chart from this CD less than a week after its November 1998 release. When Blackfoot is at his best he crushes his songs in both his natural tenor and a shivering hoarse falsetto.


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1. Same Time, Same Place (Clayton/Dodson/Wilks)
2. Your Man Is Home Tonight (Troutman)
3. Last One of Your List (Dodson/Wilks/Williams)
4. Just Got Paid (Griffin/Hall/Kemp/Riley)
5. Two Different People (Clayton/Dodson/Wilks)
6. In My Bedroom (Clayton/Dawson/Dodson/Wilks/Williams
7. Special Kind of Lady (Dawson/Dodson/Golden/Wilks)
8. One Man Too Many (Clayton/Dodson/Wilks)
9. I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do (Dodson/Wilks/Williams)
10. Love Spell Is Gone (Bingham)
11. Love on the Phone (Deneroff/Fellini/Sonenberg/Waxman)
12. Happy Blues (Bingham)


1. Show Me (Dabbs/Dodson/Thigpen) - 3:53
2. I've Been Having an Affair (Cason) - 4:46
3. I'm Not Your Man (Dodson/EZ Rock/Thigpen) - 3:41
4. Full Time, Part Time (Dabbs/Dodson/Thigpen) - 4:31
5. Shake It Down (Abbott) - 3:28
6. Put a Little Something Down on It (D/Dodson/Thigpen) - 3:37
7. Sometimes (D Tracey/Dodson/EZ Rock) - 4:31
8. Let's Ball (Singleton/White/White) - 3:34
9. I'll Understand (Hayes/Porter) - 3:20
10. I'll Be over When It's Over (D/Dodson/Thigpen) - 3:14
11. I've Been Having an Affair [Remix] (Cason) - 4:45


1. You Can Make It (Bingham/Blackfoot)
2. Better to Have and Not Need (Banks/Bingham/Blackfoot)
3. Be That Way Sometimes (Brown/Hudson/Mitchell)
4. So Good (Bingham/Blackfoot)
5. For the Right Reasons (Bingham/Blackfoot)
6. You're My Heartbeat (Bingham/Blackfoot)
7. Your Mouth Wrote a Check (Bingham/Blackfoot)
8. Stealing Love (Bingham/Blackfoot)
9. Working on My Weakness (Walker/Walker)
10. Jill (Bingham/Blackfoot/Mitchell)

REALITY 1995 Basix
1. Times Like This (Banks/Snell) - 4:06
2. Storyteller (Banks/Snell) - 4:46
3. Let It Be Me (Becaud/Curtis/Delanoe) - 4:33
4. I Messed Up (Banks/Snell) - 5:14
5. This Bed (Banks/Snell) - 3:40
6. Let Me Put You up (For the Night) Pt. 2 (Banks/Snell) - 3:32
7. Taxi '95 (Banks/Brooks) - 4:48
8. Always and Forever (Banks/Snell) - 4:18
9. How Could You (Banks/Snell) - 3:41
10. I Stood on the Sidewalk (Banks/Brooks) - 6:01
11. Sweat (Banks/Snell) - 5:01

1. Now Is the Time (Banks/Snell) - 6:08
2. Until Then (Banks/Snell) - 3:52
3. You Are My Glory (Banks/Snell) - 5:13
4. We're Closer Now (Banks/Snell) - 5:01
5. Losers Weepers (Banks/Snell) - 5:16
6. You Deserve an Oscar (Banks/Snell) - 5:18
7. Summer Lover (Banks/Snell) - 4:30
8. Let Me Be the One (Banks/Snell) - 4:46


1. After the Tone (Banks/Snell) - 3:40
2. Love-A-Holic (Banks/Snell) - 3:45
3. Just One Lifetime (Banks/Snell) - 5:20
4. That's How Lies Get Out (Banks/Snell) - 5:27
5. Leading Lady (Banks/Blackfoot/Snell) - 4:07
6. She's Only Human (Banks/Snell) - 4:15
7. Take Me to Your House (Banks/Snell) - 3:50
8. Comebacks Don't Come Easy (Banks/Snell) - 4:05


U-TURN 1987 Edge

1. Breaking The Monotony (Homer Banks-Lester Snell)
2. Tear Jerker (Homer Banks-Lester Snell)
3. Sunshine Lady (Gerry Banks-Lester Snell)
4. U-Turn (Howard Redmon jr.-Neal Jones-Terry
5. Bartlett-B.Brown-L.Johnson)
6. Warning (Homer Banks-Lester Snell)
7. Bad Weather (Homer Banks)
8. Don't Get Funny With My Money (Homer Banks-Lester Snell)
9. Friendship (Homer Banks-Lester Snell)
10.Respect Yourself (Mack Rice-Luther Ingram)
11.If I Don't Love You(Homer Banks-Chuck Brooks)

Track 2 features Ann Hines
The album contains some fine deep soul. The soulful "Tear Jerker" is credited to Blackfoot, but Ann Hines is featured on this eye-wetting Banks/Snell song; Jay can be heard on the chorus vocalizing the hook. "Bad Weather" is Southern-fried soul at its finest, the clever lyrics and heart-touching vocals marry well. Instrumentation is sparse only a rhythm section which is good; horns and strings would have muddied this beauty


1. The Girl Next Door (Banks/Brooks)
2. Hiding Place (Banks/Brooks)
3. Don't Stop (J.Banks/Thigpen//Shannon)
4. I Don't Remember Loving You (H & B Braddock)
5. Don't You Feel It Like I Feel It (Bennet/Shamwell/Floyd)
6. You Got Me Hummin' (P.D.)
7. See Saw (Banks/Brooks)
8. Kum Ba Ya (H & B Braddock)

CITY SLICKER 1983 Sound Town

1. The Way Of The City (Banks/Brooks)
2. Taxi (Banks/Brooks)
3. Street Girl (Banks/Brooks)
4. One Of Those Parties (Banks/Brooks)
5. Where Is The Love (Banks/Brooks)
6. I Stood On The Sidewalk (Banks/Brooks)
7. City Slicker (Banks/Brooks)
8. All Because Of What You Did (Betty Crutcher)
9. Can You Hang (Banks/Brooks)


THIS CHRISTMAS 1997 Basix (J.Blackfoot & Friends)

1. Christmas Tree performed by M. Bynum
2. Hey! Merry performed by J. Blackfoot
3. This Christmas performed by J. Blackfoot
4. He Shall Be Called Wonderful [instr.] performed by J. Blackfoot
5. Ave Maria performed by A. Hines
6. Please Come Home for Christmas performed by C. Brown
7. He Shall Reign performed by M.Bynum,/ N. West, / J. Blackfoot
8. Santa's Got the Blues performed by D. LaSalle
9. Ave Maria [instrumental] performed by J. Blackfoot
10. Christmas Medley performed by J. Blackfoo
AT HIS BEST 1999 Basix

1. Better to Have and Not Need (Banks/Bingham/Blackfoot)
2. Taxi '95 (Banks/Brooks)
3. Now Is the Time (Banks/Snell)
4. Until Then (Banks/Snell)
5. Just One Lifetime (Banks/Snell)
6. May the Best Man Win (Jackson/Jackson)
7. Love-A-Holic (Banks/Snell)
8. I Stood on the Sidewalk (Banks/Brooks)
9. Let Me Put You up (For the Night) Pt. 2 (Banks/Snell)
10. You're My Heartbeat (Bingham/Blackfoot)