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b. 1946, Jacksonville, Florida. This powerful soul singer moved to Philadelphia in the late '60s and, with help, from top local R&B disc jockey Jimmy Bishop, had two releases on Shout and one on Wand. When success was not forthcoming she returned to Jacksonville and, partly thanks to her cousin, noted producer Dave Crawford, joined Atlantic in 1970. Crawford produced and co-wrote Precious, Precious, which after laying dormant for some months on a b-side, sold a million and became her only US Top 40 pop hit in 1970. After six Top 40 R&B hits she joined Kayvette Records in 1975 when she achieved her biggest R&B success Make Me Feel Like A Woman, which was produced by Brad Shapiro. Moore moved to Columbia in 1978 and continued to sell records in the USA soul market. She also had her only UK hit with This Time Baby, which narrowly missed the Top 40 in 1979. A consistent R&B hitmaker for over a decade, she increased her tally of US R&B chart entries to 15 in 1983 when she recorded on Catawba with the down-tempo single "Holding Back" which grazed the R&B charts. A series of releases, domestic and imports, followed. 1985's "Love's The Answer," on Sunnyview Records 1988's "This Old Heart Of Mine," 1991's "Only You," a 1992 dance mix of "Precious," and 1994's "Love's On It's Way." Since then Moore has been relatively inactive on vinyl. Still a native of Florida Jackie can be found on the occasional disco-revival show and tours Europe frequently.

Dear John / Here I Am (Also available on Jay Boy in the UK) Shout 232 1968
Why Don't You Call On Me / Instr. Shout 239 1968
Loser Again / Who Told You Wand 11204 1969
Precious Precious / Willpower Atlantic 2681 1970
Sometimes It's Got To Rain / Wonderful, Marvelous Atlantic 2798 1971
Time / Cover Me Atlantic 2830 1972
Darling Baby / Something In A Look Atlantic 2861 1972
It Ain't Who You Know / They Tell Me Of An Uncloudy Day Atlantic 2902 1972
Sweet Charlie Brown / If Atlantic 2956 1973
Both Ends Against The Middle / Clean Up Your Own Back Yard Atlantic 2989 1973
Make Me Feel Like A Woman / Singing Funky Music Turns Me On Kayvette 5122 1975
Putting It Down To The Way I Feel / Never Is Forever Kayvette 5124 1975
She's The Bridge That Lies Between Us / It's Harder To Leave Kayvette 5125 1976
Disco Body / I'm Tired Of Hiding Kayvette 5127 1976
Make Me Yours / Somebody Loves You Kayvette 5129 1977
Personally / Ain't No Trouble Like Love Trouble Columbia 10779 1978
Let's Go Somewhere And Make Love / This Time Baby Columbia 10993 1979
How's Your Love Life Baby / Instr.(Picture Cover) US Columbia 4311136 1979
With Your Love / Helpless Columbia 11288 1980
Love Won't Let Me (with Winfrid 'Blue' Lovett) / With Your Love Columbia 11363 1980
Singing Funky Music Turns Me On / Heart Be Still Kayvette 5139 1981
Who's Next, Who's Now / Singing Funky Music Turns Me On Kayvette 5140 1981
Precious Precious (with Wilson Pickett)/? Montage 1218 1982
Seconds/inst. Catawba 1000 1982
Holding Back/inst. Catawba 1010 1983
Love Is The Answer/inst. Sunnyview 421 1985?
Why (club mix) / Why (dance mix) XYZ 12" 6794 1992
Sweet Charlie Baby - Atlantic SD 7285 / 1973

1. Sweet Charlie Baby
2. Clean Up Your Own Yard
3. If
4. Darling baby
5. Bothe Ends Against The Middle
6. Time
7. Precious Precious
8. Willpower
9. Something In A Look
  Make Me Feel Like A Woman - Kayvette 801 / RCA 1975
1. At the Top of the Hill
2. Make Me Feel Like a Woman (Reid)
3. Heart Be Still
4. Old Times Sake
5. Puttin' It Down to the Way I Feel About You
6. Tired of Hiding
7. Hurtin' Inside Out
8. Bridge That Lies Between Us (Moore)
9. Never Is Forever
10.Singing Funky Music
I'm On My Way Columbia 35991 1979

1. This Time Baby
2. Joe
3. Can You Tell Me Why?
4. Let's Go Somewhere
5. I'm on My Way
6. How's Your Love Life Baby (Barnes/Perry)
7. Wrapped up in Your Lovin'
8. Do Ya Got What It Takes
  With You Love - Columbia36455 / 1980
Jackie Moore: Precious, Precious - The Best Of The Atlantic Years on Ichiban Soul Classics (SCL2502) 1994

1. Precious, Precious (Crawford/Moore)
2. Willpower (Crawford)
3. Wonderful, Marvelousperformed by Moore / Dixie Flyers
4. Cover Me (Greene/Hinton)
5. Sometimes It's Got to Rain (In Your Life)performed by Moore / Dixie Flyers
6. Something in a Look (Crawford/Martin)
7. Time (Crawford)
8. Darling Baby (Dozier/Holland/Holland)
9. It Ain't Who You Know (Crawford/Moore/Shapiro)
10. They Tell Me of an Uncloudy Day (Crawford/Moore/Shapiro)
11. Sweet Charlie Babe (Hurtt/Sigler)
12. Both Ends Against the Middle (Bell/Hurtt)
13. If (Hurtt/Sigler)
14. Clean up Your Own Yard (Bell/Hurtt)
To David Cole of 'In The Basement' magazine for his help in compiling the above Discography
Atlantic Records promotional ad for Little Sister and Jackie Moore, announcing the releases of "Somebody's Watching You" and "Precious Precious", respectively!!


Precious, precious.
Precious, precious.
Precious baby, you're mine.
Mmm... if you don't love me, I'm used to that.
If you don't need me, baby, I can adjust to that. If you don't want me, honey, that's alright.
If you ain't willin', baby, there sure won't be no fight.
'Cause I'm still satisfied In loving you
And I'll be waiting 'round when you get through. Oh, you're precious, honey. You're so precious. Precious baby, you're mine.
You've been in and out of my life
And, ooh, baby that hurts, Baby, that hurts, yeah.
You've been with every girl in this town.
You've been dealin' in dirt. Just wallowin' in dirt, yes you have.
But I look at love as a two-way street.
You get the good with the bad,
you take the bitter with the sweet.
Oh, you're precious, honey. You're so precious, baby.
Precious baby, you're mine.
Oooh-oooh, na, na, na, na, yeah, baby. Oooh-oooh, na, na, na, na, yeah, baby. Mmm... what people say about ya Sure ain't no fun
But what they don't know about ya,
You're like two men wrapped up in one.
We've got our life, so let's make it.
It's our chance, so come on, baby, let's take it. Oh, you're precious, baby. You're so precious (precious). Precious baby, you're mine.
Yes, honey (precious). You're precious, baby. Precious baby, you're mine. Ooh, you're precious, baby, yeah (precious). You're so precious, yes, you are (precious). Precious baby, you're mine. Oooh, you're precious, honey (precious). Oooh, you're precious, baby (precious).Precious baby, you're mine.