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Born. 1936, Greenville, Mississippi, U.S.A.
George's recording career started when he began recording for Ike Turner's Prann label in 63 with a song called 'No One Wants To Cha-Cha With Me', which was not a major success but successful enough for George to leave for Memphis.George has a quietly emotional country-soul delivery which could have made him a southern-soul singing star in his own right, but as he only cut 15 singles over a 22-year period between 1963 and 1985 (and, more recently, a fine album) it is as a prolific and highly skilled songwriter that he is most respected.
George tried his luck with Stax Records but without success.Whilst in Memphis he met Louis Williams with whom he started the group called the Ovations who recorded a series of singles for Goldwax.George wrote their biggest hit, 'It's Wonderful To Be In Love'.
Although there were no major hits recorded at Goldwax, he started writing for his fellow labelmates including
James Carrs 'Coming Back To My Baby' and a couple of tunes for Spencer Wiggins.
Leaving for a solo contract with Decca made George took on the pseudonym, Bart Jackson, but saw no real success for that label either.
George then moved to Muscle Shoals where he became an in-house writer / producer for the Fame label where he wrote hits for Clarence Carter ('Too Weak To Fight') and Candi Staton (various).
George continued to produce, write and record into the 70's, most notable being his recordings for Verve, MGM and HI records where he recorded two excellent sides 'Patricia' and 'Aretha, Sing One For Me'.He also produced, for Fame, The Osmonds 'One Bad Apple'(1971) which a national hit and peaked at number 6 in the R & B charts.
In the 80's George wrote and produced for Malaco records and later released the album 'Heart To Heart To Collect', for Senator Jones', Hep Me Records in 1991 with a great soul track 'Strugglin' Lady' being a the highlight.George's successful compositions for the label included the huge seller for the late Z.Z.Hill, 'Down Home Blues', which he originally wrote some 10 years earlier.With the likes of
Bobby Blue Bland, Johnnie Taylor, Latmore and Denise Lasalle all recording for Malaco, Jackson's brand of southern soul songwriting had plenty of scope.

George's writings have been recorded many times and he is without doubt one of the great writers of soul music.

Coming soon: Acompilation of his Muscle Shoals demos.


* as Louie Palmer ** as George & Greer *** as Bart Jackson

**** with the group Gotham Flasher

George cut many demos for Sun records, including Old Friend, in the very early 60s; before his single releases

Info from Heikki Suosalo


I Really Really Love You (never released)



Won't Nobody Cha Cha With Me / Who Was That Guy

Prann 5003


How Do You Quit Drinking Wine* / Don't Leave Me*

Bootheel 178


I Don't Care* / Have I Been Untrue*

Bootheel 181


Rufus Come And Get Your Dog / Tender Love



There Goes My Pride / Blinkety Blink

Dot 16724


Rufus Come And Get Your Dog / Tender Love

Doro 888


Old Friend Demo

Sun Demo


Cold Cold Love / Just Got To Hold You

Public 1002


Good Times** / You Didn't Know But You Had Me

Goldwax 313


I'm Gonna Wait / So Good To Me

Hi 2003


Wonderful Dream / Dancing Man

Decca 32317


That's The Kind Of Man I Am / Because You're You



Find 'Em, Fool 'Em, Forget 'Em / My Desires Are Getting The Best Of Me

Fame 1547


That's How Much You Mean To Me / Gonna Hold On (To What I Got)

Fame 1468


I Found What I Wanted / Love Hijacker

Verve 10658


Aretha, Sing One For Me / I'm Gonna Wait

Hi 2212


Let Me Know You Care / Patricia

Hi 2336


We Only Just Began / You Can't Run Away From Love

MGM 14680


How Can I Get Next to You / Willie Lump Lump

MGM 14732


If I Could Get On That Soul Train / Smoking And Drinking



Things Are Getting Better / Macking On You

Chess 2167


Talking About The Love I Have / For You / I Don't Need You No More

ER Music 101


I'm Never Gonna Leave New York**** / Try A Little Tenderness

Keylock 7201


Fast Young Lady / Funky Disco Music

Muscle Shoales Sounds 9801


Sam, We'll Never Forget You / A Little Extra Stroke

Happy Hooker 1080


The Above track with Louis Williams

Ain't Nothing But Sorry / (Down Atlanta Way)/ We Need You More



Times Are Rough / We Need You More

WashataW 1001


Not A Word with Barbara Carr

Bar Car 004


Strugglin' Lady / If It's Love You're Trying To Fight (Perfect Soul Record!!)

Hep Me 1051



'In Muscle Shoals 'CD Grapevine 3003 2003

1. Help Me I'm In Need
2. Sweet Things
3. If I Could Open Up My heart
4. Messin' With My Mind
5. Can't Let My Family Down
6. Searching For The Right Words
7. Love, Thought I Would Never Find Love
8. Cheatin' In The Next Room
9. Since You Came Into My Life
10. When love Is For Real
11. Nothin' But A Good Love
12. It Takes A Storm To Make A Rainbow
13. The Weekend
14. Slippin' On Your Love
15. Unlock Your Mind
16. For The Sake Of You
17. I Don't Do Windows
18. Make You Mine
19. Down Home Blues
20. A Knight In Shining Armour

'Heart To Heart Collect'CD Black Grape 100 1993 Recorded in Pearl, Mississippi

Sweet Down Home Delta Blues LP (AMBLIN 14935) from 1985.

Thanks in helping to compile this discography go to Yoni & Nobby's Webpages plus additions by Martin Goggin, Heikki Suosalo, John Ridley & Mike Gray