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DENNIS EDWARDS & THE TEMPTATIONS REVIEW Darmstadt, Germany - 5 July 2000

The lights dimmed, the hall fell silent-then the Temptations Review 7 piece backing group (great job lads) ambled on to the stage and into position. The music started and the keyboarder's voice built up the introduction and suddenly the 5 Temptations bounded onto the stage. Looking resplendent in red suits they opened with 'Standing On The Top'. This was followed by a sort of full-version medley which included 'Psychedelic Shack', 'Cloud Nine' and 'Can't Get Next To You' with Dennis showing he has lost none of his power. A short break and then into the intro of 'Ball Of Confusion'. Now we were cookin'. After this we needed a pause so Mike Potella took over the lead and serenaded the ladies with 'Rainy Night In Georgia'. Then back to the 60's with Chris Arnold taking over the vocals for 'Get Ready'.

Time for David Sea to step forward with Ruffin's 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg'- showing what a class voice he has. Slowing it down the group then did 'Lady Soul' with again David Sea superb on vocals. The applause changed to a roar as the bass player introed the next one. 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone'-heard thousands of times over the years but seeing Dennis perform it live-heaven all over again. Time for Bernard Gibson to step forward with 'Don't Look Back'-doing a good job too. Rapping years ago was something special-Dennis rapped into the next one-especially for the girls-'Song For You'-a highspot.

Time for Mr Sea again with 'Beauty Is Only Skin Deep' and Chris Arnold taking over for 'Why You Wanna Make Me Blue' Things were really warming up now and a highlight was to follow. Now, as everyone knows, i'm a Big David Ruffin fan and 'I Wish It Would Rain' is hollowed ground if you know what I mean, but one of the highlights of this show and any live show I've seen was David Sea's version of the song. At times there are traces of Ruffin in his voice but this man has his own pluses. A lady in the audience - Izora Armstead,one of the Weather Girls and a large lady indeed- participated in the finish to make it a spine tingling moment.

Dennis now moved upfront telling us about the mini TV series-saying it was good, but it was for television consumption. Finished up by saying, no matter what, there was only ONE David Ruffin and ONE Eddie Kendricks. Amen to that!. 'Try To Remember' was the appropriate title and this led into the classic 'My Girl' with the crowd of 800 taking over the vocals. Last of this trio was 'Just My Imagination'-oh man-just great. Then, as if to musically say we are the real sound of The Temptations, they sang a great version of 'Stay'. Otis Williams, are you listening? Off to thunderous applause the guys quickly returned and Dennis tore into his 'anthem' - 'Don't Look Any Further'- joined onstage by the other Weather Girl, Izora's daughter, Dynelle (lighter-weight compared to mum!) Then it was suddenly over. I went backstage to see say my thanks for a memorable evening and was on a soul 'high' for days afterwards. Once again-this is the true sound of the Temptations-don't miss them when they come your way. Cala Gran 2001 by any chance?

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