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Timeless Surfside 2001

1. It Ain't Easy Being Me
2. You're the One
3. It Ain't What You Do
4. Shoulda' Woulda' Coulda'
5. Bless Your Heart
6. Jerry's in Love
7. Three Women
8. Life is a Beach
9. Handsome Man
10. Don't Burn Bridges
11. The Bottom Line
12. I'll Be There For You
What Goes Around Comes Around Surfside 1995

1. What Goes Around Comes Around
2. Shero (Female Hero)
3. Prelude
4. Better Late Than Never Board
5. Dreamin'
6. Hold On! I'm Comin' to Save You
7. If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
8. I Wanna Be Your Baby
9. Summertime Groove
10. Winner Take All
11. The Light at the End of the Tunnel
12. Only Love Can Mend a Broken Heart
Music Surfside 1995

1. The Music (Johnson)
2. Don't Walk Away (Johnson)
3. Forever Together (Johnson)
4. Love Is What You Make It (Johnson)
5. Never Been Loved Before (Johnson)
6. A Piece of Candy (Johnson)
7. Loverboy (Johnson)
8. X-Rated Love (Johnson)
9. Lost in the Night (Johnson)
10. Just Can't Get Enough (Johnson)
11. I Shall Return (Johnson)
Gift Of Beach Music Surfside 1995

1. I'd Rather Be in Carolina (General Johnson)
2. Beach Fever (General Johnson)
3. When Can I See You Again (Johnson)
4. Down at the Beach Club (Johnson)
5. Shag Your Brains Out (Hidee Hidee Hidee Ho (General Johnson)
6. Carolina Girls (Johnson)
7. A Bird in the Hand (General Johnson)
8. Summer Love (General Johnson)
9. On the Beach (Johnson)
10. Pretty Women Everywhere (Hey Baby) (General Johnson)
Better Late Than Never Surfside 1995

1. Better Late Than Never performed byGeneral Johnson & Chairmen Of The Board
2. If This Ain't Love, Keep on Fooling Me (Johnson) performed by The Tams
3. Sooner or Later (Johnson)
4. Shaggin' the Night Away (Johnson)
5. Patches [New Version] performed by General Johnson / Chairmen of the Board
6. Let's Catch up on Some Lovin' (Cornelius)
7. Can I Have a Second Helpin' Please (Johnson)
8. Boy Toy performed by General Johnson / Chairmen of the Board
9. Down and Dirty Love (Johnson)
10. Funky Chicken performed by General Johnson / Chairmen of the Board
Alive And Kickin' Surfside 1995

1. Alive and Kickin' (Johnson)
2. Let's Go for Love (Johnson)
3. You Don't Know What Love Is (Johnson)
4. I Wanna Be Your Baby (Johnson) -
5. I Wanna Doop Doop Doop Your Doo Wop She... (Johnson)
6. In Your Face (Johnson)
7. Sexy Thing (Johnson)
8. There's No Me Without You (Johnson)
9. Waylon James (Johnson)
10. Gone Fishin' (Johnson)
11. Let the Good Times Roll (Johnson)
General Johnson Arista AL 4082 1979

1. Temperature Rising
2. Don't Walk Away
3. We The People
4. Lies
5. All In The Family
6. Only Love (Can Mend a Broken Heart)
7. Patches
8. Keep Keepin' On
Generally Speaking Invictus 9803 1972

1. Saginaw County Line
2. God's Gift To Man
3. It Was Almost Something
4. Every Couples' Not A Pair
5. All We Need Is Understanding
6. Everything's Tuesday
7. I Never Get Tired Of You
8. My Credit Didn't Go Through
9. Things Are Bound To Get Better Later On
10. Mary Lou Thomas
Skin I'm In Invictus 1974

1. Everybody Party All Night (Bowen/Johnson)
2. Skin I'm In (Bowen/Johnson)
3. Morning Glory (Baldwin/Nelson)
4. Life and Death, Pt. 1 (Stewart)
5. White Rose (Freedom Flower) (Baldwin/Nelson)
6. Life and Death, Pt. 2 (Stewart)
7. Let's Have Some Fun (Johnson)
8. Love at First Sight (Johnson)
9. Only Love Can Break a Heart (Bacharach/David)
10. Live With Me, Love With Me (Baldwin/Bowen/Johnson)
11. Finder's Keepers (Bowen/Johnson)
Bittersweet Invictus 9801 1972

1. Bitter Sweet Johnson/Perry
2. Elmo James (Johnson/Perry)
3. I'm A Sign of Changing Times (Johnson/Perry)
4. I'm on My Way To A Better Place (Johnson/Perry)
5. Men Are Getting Scarce (Johnson/Perry)
6. Saginaw County Line (Johnson/Perry)
7. So Glad You're Mine (Johnson/Perry)
8. Weary Traveller (Johnson)
9. Working On A Building of Love (Dozier/Holland/Holland)
In Session Invictus 7304 1970

1. Chairmen Of The Board
2. Everything's Tuesday
3. Pay To The Piper
4. Twelfth Of Never
5. All We Need Is Understanding
6. Patches
7. It Was Almost Something
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water
9. Hanging On To A Memory
10. I Can't Find Myself
11. When Will She Tell Me She Needs Me
12. Children Of Today
Where Did You Go Give Me Just A Little More Time Invictus ST-7300 1970

1. Give Me Just A Little More Time
2. Come Together
3. Bless You
4. Patches
5. Since The Days Of Pigtails And Fairytales
6. I'll Come Crawling
7. You've Got Me Dangling On A String
8. Bravo, Hooray
9. Didn't We
10. Feelin' Alright?
11. My Way
12. Tricked And Trapped
It Will Stand - Plus 15 More Golden Classics Collectable COL-CD-5162

1. It Will Stand
2. Country Fool
3. This Misery
4. The Wrong Girl
5. Fate Planned It This Way
6. For You My Darling
7. Valley Of Love
8. The Owl Sees You
9. Swish Fish
10. I'm Coming Home
11. Strange Girl
12. I Love You, Can't You See
13. Let Her Feel It In Your Kiss
14. True Fine Mama
15.39-21-40 Shape
16.It Will Stand (Take 6, Previously Unissued Take)