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It Will Stand / Country FoolMinit1961
The Wrong Girl
I Love You Can't You See
What Would It TakeAmy
What Would It Take
True Fine MamaMinit
True Fine Mama
39-21-46 / Swish FishMinit 32007
It Will StandImperial1964
You're Everything / Our Love Will GrowSwan1965
Take It Baby / In ParadiseSwan
Take It Baby
Honey HouseSwan
Action/UK Pama PM 7671969
Give Me Just A Litttle More Time / Working On A Building Of LoveHDH-45-11.1969
Give Me Just A Litttle More Time
(You've Got Me) Dangling On A String / Tricked & TrappedHDH-45-2
Everything Is Tuesday
I'm On My Way To A Better Place / So Glad You're Mine1972
I'm On My Way To A Better Place
Pay To The Piper / Bless YouInvictus 9081
Finders KeepersInvictus 7301973
Finders Keepers
Chairmen Of The Board
Chairmen Of The BoardInvictus9086
Working On A Building of Love
Everybody Party All Night1974
Everybody Party All Night
Elmore James
I'm On My Way To A Better Place
Don't Walk Away / Temperature Rising Part IIGJArista Records #02031976
Don't Walk Away
horns & strings were arranged by DAVID VAN De PITTE.
Let's Fool Around GJArista1977
All In The Family / All In The FamilyArista 01771978
  All In The Family
Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do/ LiesArista 12"1978
Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do