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Crazy, Crazy, Crazy / Don't Do It Baby Bobby Harris & Vocaltones WenDee1933
Geometry Of Love / Hiccups as Jimmy Harrison Atco 6144 (1959)
Please Don't Hurt Me / Country Boy as Jim & Bob Harrison Clock 1035 (1960)
Please Don't Hurt Me / Country Boy as Jim & Bob Harrison Clock 71836(Mercury) (1960)
Here Is My Heart / Hand Clap Blues as Jim & Bob Harrison Clock 71890
Here Is My Heart / Hand Clap Blues as Jim & Bob Harrison Emit 101(Reissue)
I'll Go On / There's No One For Me as Bee Jay Clock 1743
Little Schoolgirl / Baby I Love You as Jim & Bob Harrison Smash 1803 (1962)

Baby, I'm Coming Home To You / Standing On The Corner

Harrison Brothers

Everlast 5028 (1963)
Beautiful Lies / I'll Be Standing By Harrison Brothers ABC Para. 10593 (1964)
Run For Your Life / ame inst. Harrison Brothers Babalou 1001
Ain't Love A Sweet Thing / Crying Won't Help You Now Harrison Brothers Pearltone 8007/8
We Can't Believe You're Gone / More On The Jerk as Bobby Harris Atlantic 2270 (1965)
We Got A Thing Going On / I Really Love You Pat Lundy & Bobby Harris Heidi 111 (1965)
Password Is Love / That's When I'll Stop Loving You as Bobby Harris Turntable 715 (1965)
Ain't That Love / Lonely Intruder as Bobby Harris Turntable 716 (1966)
Sticky, Sticky / Mr. Success as Bobby Harris Shout 203 (1966)      
The Love Of My Woman / Baby Come Back To Me as Bobby Harris Shout 210                  
One Hurt Deserves Another / Keep It In The Family (If It Don't Fit,Force It as The Fabulous Fiestas RCA 0364 (1971)


1. Crying Won't Help Us
2. Ain't Love A Sweet Thing
3. I'll Be Standing By
4. That's When I'll Stop Loving You
5. Lonely Intruder
6. Ain't That Love
7. We Got A Good Thing Going On
8. Mr.Success
9. Baby Come Back To Me
10.The Love Of My Woman
11.We Can't Believe You're Gone
12.One Hurt Deserves Another

Harrison Brothers
Harrison Brothers
Harrison Brothers
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris
Fabulous Fiestas
Soul From The Vaults
'The History Of Bobby Harris'
(Japaneses Bootleg)

*Anyone have it????

1. Wonderful
2. So in Love
3. Anyone Here
4. Where You There
5. He Cares
6. Mother Prayed
7. A Change is Gonna Come (One of the best versions ever)
8. If it wasn't For The Lord
9. Soul to Soul
10. Be Free
11. God is Standing By
Robert Harrison and the
Excels (who are the Harrison Brothers plus a younger generation relative)
'Mother Prayed For Me'
Committee Records

1. Soul To Soul
2. Stand By Me Father
3. Someday We'll All Be Free
4. In A Few More Days
5. Touch The Hem Of His Garment
6. God Is Standing By
7. Jesus My Whole World Is You
8. If it Wasn't for the Lord
9. Who's Making Love? (with Bob)
10. All the Love I Got
11. Friends Forever
12. I Know You're Gonna Miss Me
Soul to Soul:
P-Vine PCD2927
Cd says that 8,10,11 and 12 are previously unissued. Unknown when track 9 was issued.

(Soul To Soul album was originally a 3 Gems cassette
in 1991 with tracks 1-7)

Thanks in helping to compile this discography go to Jo Sperry, Colin Dilnot & Greg Burgess & Members of the SoulCellar Group on Yahoo