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Frankfurt 29th March 2001

DavidBarryDennis.JPG (61543 bytes) DavidDennisMags.JPG (71613 bytes) Backstage1aJPG.JPG (76357 bytes)
Meeting up again with the guys.
Another great moment!
David Sea & Dennis Edwards
with copies of  'In The Basement'
Backstage checking out the Soul Brother's interviews
Backstage2aJPG.JPG (48346 bytes) GoingOn1a.JPG (62872 bytes) GoingOn2a.JPG (71680 bytes)
Mike & Bernard
checking out the concert report.
Mr.Sea waits his turn!
Is this a first?-well it almost was-
but Soul Brother waited for them
to dress!
Waiting to go on.
GoingOn3a.JPG (66280 bytes) GroupOnstage1a.JPG (61004 bytes) GroupOnstage2a.JPG (33813 bytes)
The 'joining of hands'
ceremony-followed by the
quiet prayer.
We're up and running. Looking resplendant
in those white suits.
GroupOnstage3a.JPG (36928 bytes) GroupOnstage4a.JPG (31358 bytes) DavidSea3a.JPG (57144 bytes)
Still life in these
Don't look Back Singing Lady Soul.
DavidSea1a.JPG (35211 bytes) DavidSea2a.JPG (45659 bytes) DavidSea4a.JPG (42181 bytes)
Awesome version
of 'I Wish It Would rain'
Smooth & Soulful. Getting Audience to
join in.
Bunch1a.JPG (59034 bytes) Bunch2a.JPG (55772 bytes) Bunch3a.JPG (59938 bytes)
Papa A 'slim' Dennis
very much in charge
The 'Seaman' croons
Batch1a.JPG (50012 bytes) Batch2a.JPG (49364 bytes) Batch3a.JPG (58806 bytes)
Dennis and a fantastic version
of 'Naturally'
David on song So together
Batch4a.JPG (37323 bytes) Rest1a.JPG (63082 bytes) Rest2a.JPG (34006 bytes)
Mike Patilla and
'Rainy Night In Georgia'
Dennis on screen
David on stage.
Chris Arnold
and 'Get Ready'
Rest3a.JPG (49297 bytes) A Fantastic Show Thanks Guys!
An excellent venue
with great stage deco.